Master Legacy: Antigravity - Called anti-gravity, but its use is to change the direction of gravity. (walking on walls.)
Night Vision- ability to see in darkness as if it's lit.
Super Speed- ability to move very fast, almost faster than what human eyes can see, also resistant to friction while moving very fast.
Impervious Skin - Impervious Skin renders the users skin impervious or immune to wounds. This Legacy does not protect from things such as shockwaves, as they do internal damage as well.

Landon came to Scotland when he was 12. He got along very well with his Cepan, Gaya, who taught him how to fight hand-to-hand combat instead of with his Legacies. She encouraged him to fight with the other children, she told him that some children needed to learn things. Gaya would sometimes let him challenge the older, bigger children, who would beat him, then she would clean his wounds and tell him that he learned a lesson and should remember it. That made him faster and better. When he was 17, he’d been out in a fight, while he was gone Gaya was murdered by a burglar. After that he became quiet and hardly talked, he never showed any emotion. He’s been traveling ever since, and is still the same, but he’s always kind, unless violence is necessary. He keeps several knives on his person. He is related to a Garde.

Adult (Former Garde.)

Constantly traveling, hardly ever stays in one place for longer than three weeks.

Hey, he needs a Garde to be related to, anybody have one? :)
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