And here's Jr! Just love the picture with the motorcycle <3
Anyway, this is my summer playlist!
 I was tag by @raphaellakay in her set Merciii :D
And @nicole-chan-carmen tagged me for "fave asian rock band" in her set (but i do the summer playlist instead ^^) 

1. I'm the best. 2NE1
2. Fantastic Baby. Big Bang
3. Bounce. JJ Project
4. Machine. EXO (K&M)
5. The Next Episode. Snoop Dogg ft Dr Dre
6. Where Have You Been. Rihanna
7. The Grasshopper Song. Sunny Hill
8. Warrior. B.A.P
9. Electric Shock. F(x)
10. Gara Gara Go. Big Bang
11. Attention. HyunA
12. Two Moons. EXO (K&M) ft Key
13. Hate You. 2NE1
14. Hooked. JJ Project
15. Hands Up. 2PM
16. Bad Boy. Bob Marley
17. Stain. Shaka Ponk
18. LOL. Block B
19. California Love. 2PAC ft Dr Dre
20. MAMA. EXO (K&M)
21. Huh. 4MINUTE
22. Drop It Like It's Hot. Snoop Dogg ft Pharell Williams
23. Sherlock. SHINee
24. Big Boy. T.O.P
25. Volume up. 4MINUTE
26. Bang Bang. K'naan
27. Bangarang. Skrillex 
28. Itaewon Freedom. UV ft JYP
29. The Leaders. CL, GD & Teddy
30. Madonna. Secret

10 songs are not enough for me, and actually 30 are not too XD
I could have done a list of a hundred song and it wouldn't be enough
( EDIT: totally to put the rules at first)
1. Make A set
2. In the description box list your summer playlist.
3. Then, comment on @hello-chello 's set here:
so she could add it in this collection.
4. Tag others :))

I tag:


Wrote two years ago
@kpopmom exactly! I'm really anticipating GOT7's debut, i hope it will be cool :D

Wrote two years ago
@fruitmachine Loved them together, gonna miss them as a duo. Gotta wait to see what JYP is gonna do with them....

Wrote three years ago
@peachgirl100 Thank youuu!

Wrote three years ago
Love this <3

Wrote three years ago
@kawaiiamber You're welcome ^^
Thank you very much!

Wrote three years ago
Thanks for tagging me! :)
This is very cute!!

Wrote three years ago
Moi je regardais à moitié... j'étais entre le dégoût et la tristesse. Ils n'ont pas loupé les effets spéciaux !

Wrote three years ago
@raphaellakay Pray, la première foi que j'ai vu le clip ça m'a fait tout étrange X)

Wrote three years ago
"Midnight Circus" et "Is the white horse coming" sont bien aussi ^^
Et "Pray" est tout simplement bouleversante ! (mais le clip est flippant >.<)

Wrote three years ago
@raphaellakay Je crois que c'est ma chanson préféré de Sunny Hill ^^
Merci du compliment ^^ J'aime beaucoup le haut :)

Wrote three years ago
Sunny Hill <3 La tenue est magnifique !! Le haut, la jupe et les baskets vont super bien ensemble !
J'adore :)

Wrote three years ago
@theborderline I know it's hard to limit yourself to only few songs ^^
Hope you'll have fun with it :)

Wrote three years ago
sounds fun! thanks for the tag, I'll do it! but I might do a hundred songs...:P

Wrote three years ago
@sellenya Thank you sweetie! I had a hard time to make my playlist, I wanted to write more songs, it's too short XD

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