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brentlee pushed her long, toned legs out of her black bmw after parking in her usual spot towards the front of the schools parking lot. She brushed her long brunette waves behind her shoulders as she took a deep breathe. She knew this was going to be a long day, especially after this weekend had been so amazing. She knew Drew wouldn`t pay much attention to her, she knew better than that. He had a rep to up keep and him socializing with her was just too much. She knew that night at the party was one of those crazy spur of the moment things, so she planned on having a day just like any other, sure it might just kill her a little bit inside when every girl in the school was all over him, but sooner or later shed be nonchalant about it, just like she was before. She took a deep breath as she started her journey towards the school, her legs taking long strides as she eventually wandered the halls towards her locker.

[sorry that was awful, i didnt know where to start. @cheetahgirl26-expecto-patronum ]
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