One of my all time fab song by Zion.T-Click me:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJwnjGH7R00

Woke up an early again~
so today i'll talking about this

SMEnt and Millenium Boy cover to EXO
---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnmkpjFEkEQ

I'm not stan for both side,copied/plagiarizing isn't good thing to do,but i'd like to speak about is that EXO's fans nessary to bashing this group cover that go so far to keep calling them ugly even state as Thais ppl are ugly as generally(read it so many comments and they makes it like a normal sentense) ,i feel so sad to the immature acts of exo's fans i bumping to this issue on http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/06/sm-entertainment-to-show-leniency-towards-thai-exo-cover-group-millenium-boy

Beside i accepted the fact that clearly this cover group copied exo so many way such as group logo,hood clothing but their fan meeting and visit oversea under their name of cover is can't take it as copied they has their own fans..well i did found it they state it clearly"They're a cover group" and SM has the rights to take action about EXO's logo.
Back to the immature of EXO's fans why made me so sad no need to see oppas always right or bashing other ugly(blah blah only Nickhun look good and other is such )..swear to only Korean ppl know,there're a bunch of Korean guys on street that really not a good looking(and might reaching to level somewhat ugly than those guys..when i watching the apologized video i realized sth that this cover group sincerly they're fans funny is one of them is Korean too,they're just like us being calling ourselves exo's fans.
but some exo's fans always "always" scary starting since "pushing oppas to bashing everything come into oppas way"

There're a bunch of copied stuff selling on street esp on Myungdong street (Seoul) i swear i found hood,exo's logo,copies DVD etc..why SM mind to solve problem in motherland first.

In Thailand just like a big market to SM selling stuff i'm sure who ever visited there found out SJ had over 100 times had own CF/events/concert there.(yes,i ever visited Thailand like over 10 times my life and found SM artist very very famous here everyone sure know who is Siwon)
wannabe Kpop outside Korea might thinking time to go back to their native songs not even surprise if they increase anti kpop much, idk i way too disappointed towards to this situation,it's negative to Kpop than solving thing.

(this just my opinion)

*Luhan look so cute~
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