Hi gals! 

I think that a "beginner's guide" tip series would be a good idea. Do you think so? huh...maybe I will do it. Anyways...liquid eyeliner is a thing a cannot get enough of. I have the Tarte liquid eyeliner pen and LOVE IT! So here are some of my own tips and tricks for starting to use liquid eyeliner:

1| It can be taken off! 
Make sure you practice A LOT! Always have your makeup remover handy. This way you can make your eyes almost perfect. Just make sure not to start 5 minutes before you leave!

2| Don't do too thick
Remember, thin liquid eyeliner is just as pretty. Find a thickness that suits you. I suggest starting out thinner though, and working your way thicker.

3| Dots!
I have used this before and found it worked amazing. Just use your eyeliner to make tiny dots where you want your line, then connect the dots.

4| Ending to early
I always ended my eyeliner to early on my eyes when starting out. To prevent this, just go a little bit farther then you want it, and just use makeup remover to wipe off any excess.

5| Eyes first
I suggest doing your eyes first, and your face last. This was you can restart as many times as you want without screwing anything up.

6| What to start with
I started using a drugstore liquid eyeliner (I can't remember which one...oops!). I would do this too. Treat it as like a practice product. Once you really get the feel of liquid eyeliner, you can go for more expensive brands/products. 

That's all folks! Liquid eyeliner can be very challenging, trust me...I know. So I hope these tips and tricks helped. I would start out with a pen, because they are a little easier. But that might just be me. 

Let me know if I should do that tip series :)

xoxo Edyn *@mixer-upper*

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