Character Name | Morgan Knight
Age || 31 
Job || Photographer 
Bio || Morgan was born into a world of money. From a young age he was doted upon by his mother who loved him dearly. His mom had been an elementary school teacher while his dad was a thriving business man. Finally though with Morgan as an excuse to leave the teaching world, his mother retired from teaching and spent her days with him. Private tutors, field trips with mom to the Central Park Zoo, Museum of Natural History and seeing shows on Broadway were all part of his education as a child. He got a good taste of the art world through his mom who had taught art during her teaching days at a private elementary school. Which explained his love and passion for photography.
Morgan is a fan of all types of artwork. Sketching, acting, singing, dancing and painting. But photography. That is his passion. While his mom was alive, she encouraged him. Why it was even her idea to send him to a private art school for high school education once he got older. She wanted him to pursue his dream. And for a bit it seemed like he would. Then his sophomore year of high school came and she was killed in a car accident. His whole world came crashing down.
The father who he had thought supported his love for the arts turned out to have just been going along with it because his wife supported it. He told Morgan that it was time to grow up. Time to get a grip and come to terms with reality. He told him that he and his mom wouldn’t always be there and that he had to learn to make a living on his own; and that photography wasn’t going to cut it. Without even considering Morgan’s feelings; the man tore away the last connection he had to his mother and told him that he would someday be the CEO of the empire he “built from the ground up!“ Whether he liked it or not. Much to his dad’s dismay though - he majored in photography and now is a successful photographer for magazines all over the world.
Model || Jensen Ackles 
Activity || 9 
RP Example || -Mod power so no need- 
Password || I'm ready for publishing!
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