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Behind The Scenes

[AUDITIONS OPEN] "The WC pulls out a rather interesting new line up with many of hits shows finishing up recently. While a few old favorites remain , their line up mostly relies on new fresh shows. Many in TV land are skeptical on how well this move will go for the WC. " "A new fresh look for The WC. While old favourites like The Love Club , New York I Love You and more recent hits,the critically acclaimed Throne Wars , teen favourite Midnight in Manhattan remain. The WC put forward a mostly new line up , consisting of fresh new actors and actresses. Whether or not this works out remains to be seem but we can't help but look forward to see how this plays out." ABOUT THE ROLEPLAY : This roleplay is based on the lives of several actors and actresses and what happens behind the scenes of several hit shows that air on WC network. Some of them are on more established shows while others on brand new shows. Either way they all have to get used to their brand new life. On the plus side you have fame and fortune , you will be on magazine covers and get to go to all the hottest parties and walk the red carpet but on the other hand you have long hours , early mornings , you personal life is out there on/in every gossip site and magazine, fans that are so ready to see you fail - you know the regular price of fame. RULES: - Basic Rp Rules 101 - no text talk , use proper sentences. no godmodding , etc. - You can audition for male or female characters. Which ever you feel comfortable playing. - No perfect characters. Write interesting characters who are flawed and complex - but most of all make a character that you are inspired and want to write for. - Think about fashion choices. I am not going to go on saying designer everything but think about your favourite actor/actresses and the type of clothes they wear. - Diversity in model choice is highly encouraged. - Bowties are cool. Drama outside the roleplay is not. Seriously it's not fun, no one likes it so don't get involved in it. - This group is going to be collabritive group - so reading + commenting on other members set is a must and collabs are recccommend (plus they are a fun way to stay active.) - For anyone who has been in any of my rp groups before you know i am not overly strict on set requirements - i know a lot of you are busy with school and work so i all i ask is a minimum of TWO stories a month (obviously the more you write the better.) that been said since the premise of the group is about actors and actresses social media sets are encouraged , plus they are an easy way to stay active without writing. - If you won't be able to be active for whatever reason let the mod know. - If you need any help please feel free to pm the mod , i am more than happy to help! THE SHOWS : http://www.polyvore.com/shows_bts/collection?id=4263932 ROLES AVAILABLE. returning shows -http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=198787372 new shows - http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=198789380 in production - http://www.polyvore.com/open_characters_pt/set?id=198801999 THE TAKEN CHARACTERS : http://www.polyvore.com/taken_characters/collection?id=4300307 THE CASTS : http://www.polyvore.com/casts/collection?id=4300315 THE LOVE INTEREST AND OTHER NPC http://www.polyvore.com/love_interest_other_npc/collection?id=4300310 MODEL/ FACE CLAIM RULES. Models , Actors+ Actresses , Bloggers etc are fine. No Site models, Disney ,Nick and the usual people. If you are unsure on whether your chosen model is okay to use pm me and we can discuss it . Audition Requirements : + A fashion set including desired model. + Completed Bio + Tag the mods when finished. Bio Layout. ▸Name (Age) ▸Nicknames ▸Hometown ll Current Location ▸ Birthday (Starsign) ▸ Model/ Faceclaim. ▸Personality ▸Quirks/Habits/ Mannerisms ▸Likes ▸Dislikes ▸ Style ▸Bio ▸Current Role - (Preferable a character from a returning show or new show) [Include the name , small bio and the show) ▸Past Roles : (doesn't have to be to detailed just a list. can be included on a different set just link it in your audition) ▸ Important Relationships: ▸Relationship Status : ▸Taken : @/username ▸ Top 3 roles for your character - Other than the role stated above. Please choose one role from each returning shows , new shows and in production shows. Optional : ▸Closet ▸Five Facts ▸Inspiration ▸ How To Write Collection ▸Social Media ▸Playlist ▸Moodboard ▸Storyboard ▸Collection
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