So I have been receiving a few questions from friends and whatnot and I decided to answer a few of them because they seem utterly important - ♥ 

Trust me, because I promise that I would not lie over this subjects. 

1) How do you solve "Facial Hair" ? 

 I consider to not shave because that would create a problem, unless you want to shave daily and begin the growth of green colored skin above your lips which most girls would be disgusted at. I'm not exactly sure about the treatments you should be receiving, so you should ask your doctor about that sort of question. Also, everything depends on your skin tone and hair color. People who are blond can rarely see the hair growing on the cheeks because of their skin color matching the hair but if you are a blond, I think you should use treatment or the laser-surgery, if the hair goes further into unwanted places. The main thing I would defiantly allow would have to be "Waxing", but if you have soft-skin and cannot handle the pain then I don't think you should try this. Waxing would pull the roots out of your cheeks so you would grow less hair and if people are telling you that you will probably grow more hair, I don't think you will, that is a simple myth. You should wax often so the hair will vanish, but waxing and waiting for a long time for the hair to grow back is the worst decision to take because your hair will start to recover from taking it's old position so keep waxing until the hair is totally removed. 

I know that the thought of having so much hair on your body is disgusting, but it's totally normal. My aunt is a doctor and she tells me that even children under the age of seven ask her those sort of questions, it's totally normal. I defiantly wouldn't allow shaving because that would cause a problem. 

If you have started to shave, then STOP! Let the hair grow back for a few days and then quickly start to wax, but allow a professional to do this task. 

Anyways, I know that the thought of your dad or male begins to notice the hair on your cheeks and you feel embarrassed would be horrible so I seriously recommend "Waxing". Everything comes from puberty so hopefully, the suffering will end. It would be horrible to have a boyfriend and he doesn't shave and you are starting to shave before him, ugh. That thought is disgusting, so I seriously recommend Waxing....

Question Ended ; 

The was long and anywayss ^.^ I'm seriously in love with Nathan Sykes! He's my new favorite and The Wanted is my favorite boy band... c: Hehe, anyways.

I hope you like this set ;; ♥ 
Thanks for the motivation and everything.

Marlene <<. ♥ 
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Wrote one year ago
Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous

Wrote three years ago
This outfit is so cute. I really would wear it and I totally love that owl sweater. You did a great job on this outfit :D

Wrote 4 years ago
fantastic set so funny

Wrote 4 years ago
this is so lovely!





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