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#18 Going to San Francisco

Something comfortable, I guess; I don't have the slightest idea what people wear in San Francisco so I would probably end up looking like..me, tourist from Poland:P

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I don't like the graduation system; it's good for the members that than can leave AS whenever they feel to do it but it has far more disadvantages.

First, members are team; they work together for their success, and then suddenly new member(s) is added who can 'use' already known band name to gain popularity quicker.
I think older members would feel it's not fair.

Secondly, think about fans. We are not fans of producers or music composers - we are fans of vocalists who perform the music! We get used to certain members, their skills, voices, charisma....they create a certain atmosphere in each band.

With new members - it becomes new band.

Of course, a band can't be a prison for vocalist; if she -like Bekah feels it's right time to do something else - she has the right to left her band; but why add new member in her place? *I know that new girl was added earlier but somehow she is replacing Bekah, isn't she?*

The graduation system makes from AS a 'machine' - machine whose aim is perform songs- and that's it. You can always add or remove or replace something in machine.

A band - for me -is a team; a team of people who together wants to present their music mixed with their charisma and personality
 *imagine CL leaving 2NE1 and some dull rapper in her place trying to rap that she's the baddest female Seoul city ever had*
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