Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael
  • France and lap dogs go way back Most other prehistoric pooches were much larger than the ancient French dogs Secret History
    The world's oldest known dogs from France were poodle-sized and lived up to 15,000 years ago. The French dogs likely served as companions to humans, hunting partners, and also as a source of food and fur. It's unclear whether these small French dogs...
  • Dog Puppy Love
    Christmas puppy
  • Brown Argyle Dog Sweater
    Brown Argyle Dog Sweater. Perfect for the preppy pup! This traditional interwoven argyle print features a high zip up neck for a little retro look complete with fur guard lining. Machine washable. Sizing: XS : Neck: 8.5 in. I Chest
  • Lounging Puppy
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  • Lying In The Daisys
    Lying In The Daisys Photograph by Tyra OBryant, Lying In The Daisys Photograph, Lying In The Daisys Photograph for Sale, Lying In The Daisys Fine Art Print, Lying In The Daisys Poster, Tyra OBryant Fine Art