This has been in my drafts since October/November. I have a bunch of Daisy sets in my drafts so don't think I am ignoring CC. I am just trying to make a set and they keep turning out ugly. =/ Also I don't really think Daisy spends a whole bunch of time pondering the universe and its creation. 

Day 09 – Your beliefs, in great detail
• Are you religious, what do you believe in, how do you find peace within yourself, what are your morals
I’m wouldn’t say I’m religious though I do believe in some sort of god. Agnostic is what you would call me if you put a label on it. My parents used to go to church a lot when I was little and they would dress up my sisters and I and we would have lunch afterwards. Sometimes my dad still goes but I opt out. I think that at the end of the day, if you are a good person and if there is a heaven, then that would be enough to get you in. People over complicate it really. I’m still trying to find peace within myself but I believe that I will get there someday, with or without god. I’d say my morals are pretty common, at least I hope. Don’t become a serial killer (or commit any major crimes), try to be kind to people...that sort of thing.
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