(100% my opinion,you may disagree with it,+i am in state of disappointed)
It been already 2 days since Kris(EXO) become a topic.i'm careful to speak my opinion&stop looking for many rumors on internet.
i am shocking,depressed and questioning towards to Kris&SMent.

I put on myself as EXO's member's shoe,not Kris or SMEnt,honestly no surprise about the member ? whoever will leaving/have strike first ? i said it so many times an early this will happen just prepare our heart attack, this kind of problem is stuck deep inside at SMEnt BUT i am shocking that it happened to EXO my fab group,it's too early EXO debuted only 2 years not suppose to break.
i have been open mind to SM artist after became a fan of EXO and only one Kai is the reason to changed my mind to seeking positively towards this company.

I'm a longest big fan of YG being YG stan for my life time Kpop fan but the first ever group i crazy about it is Shinhwa also the first group ever made me realized how bad of SM as company, can't help to compared SM&YG together the way that the both company treat idol is 360 degree opposite.when i see BB/2NE1 sharing their moment i am always thinking of EXO what if the EXO get lots of happiness like YG artist too.
i said that EXO their friendship is real now i'm in doubt their friendship also got control&put on an acted. VERY SAD to say this.

I ever said that being a fan of EXO is my karma.
i hatin* on SM ,i dislike SNSD,i am not listen to their general music even i bought some album such as SJ sorry sorry.

TVXQ is my second fab group at that time next to Big Bang and broken my heart twice next to Shinhwa how can i supposed to see EXO as OT11,that was shocking a fan like me this is already 3 times being hurts by SM.
and this company never really care about fans.
idol did working for them like a robot making money,to gain popularity but living like a slave,share pieces of cake as 12 from 1% of their income that SM taken the rest with them.
money isn't a main issue when ppl work hard of course we want some price to cheer up our tiresome. who don't want money? don't picture to EXO as celeb who got spoiled and ride a luxury car,party hard at night and dating pretty celeb around this is never happened to EXO(and all kpop idol) even thought EXO is one of the most popular k-idol who gain money over 500 million$ these days.

Don't hold me back to against SMent #SMentWorstCompanyInKorea they deserved this as world wide trend on twitter to show the world to know.

I'm with Kris no matter what,i've an experienced enough since Shinhwa controversy(2003),Fly to the sky(2004),TVXQ(2008) and Hangeng(i'm not SJ fan)
i am agree with @mirmin about SM lose the opportunity to have best boy band stay with them any longer.

But i hope for Kris to stay with EXO this is my selfish wishing for him to stay.

he will back to EXO for us right ?

#personalstyle #denim #converse #CasualChic
my cutie Kai still the best for me ,stay strong&get well soon baby~ 

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