The grim's books weren't entertaining, they were stories of the lost race of people called Everlasting. The ever lasting were quiet and tried to hind from the human race, but slowly died off do to a unknown disease, making them forgotten, until they completely disappear. Each character was then given a gem, hidden in items as small as rings or as big as dresses, or shoes. Now, the gems have been switched around, given to the wrong stories. Now, they must mix stories, and rewrite them to find their gems.

1) You can't be a Mary Suu, or a perfect character. You may be the main person in a fairytale, a legend or a story book,a princess, no recent stories like Hunger games or Harry Potter, more like Alice in wonderland or huckleberry fin.

2) I will assign who has whos jem

3) You need in your bio to have the following, 
your neo name:
Your fairytale name:
you look like age:
Story (short version):
Story (the real version, or what really happened and how you got the jem till now)
What the jem is located in:
Whos jem you have: (i will tell you this)

4) NO SUPER STARS AS YOUR MODEL. i dont care about site models. and no god modeling.

5) Only two 'main' fairytale characters. One boy and one girl. Side characters don't need to be auditioned.
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