Name: Maryssa 'Mary' Belle Castle
Age: 21
Personality: confident, competetive, classy, stubborn
Likes: things to be perfect, dresses, being the leader, celebrity gossip, classy things
Dislikes: people who don't take things seriously, losing, superheroes, not having control
Bio: Maryssa--or Mary, as she typically goes by--is the epitome of a quintessential sorority girl. She
is a born and bread leader with a passion for organizing, planning, perfecting, and being in control. From her preppy wardrobe with typical colorful designers down to her ability to be involved in every possible event within Kappa Xi, Mary is making sure she leaves her mark at UC San Diego.
Mary was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, and spent her summers in Nantucket with her cheerleading coach mother and her businessman father. She only expects the best from herself, and naturally from everyone around her. Mary wants her life to be perfect in every possible way: the highest popularity, the most gorgeous frat boyfriend, good grades, and a social life that anyone would die for. But Mary's drive for maintaining perfection is taking a toll on her. She's edgy and easily annoyed and can't seem to keep everything under her control. Basically, with these activities on her plate, she can't seem to juggle all of them. And her parents aren't much help, either. Mary's mother and grandmother were both Kappa Xi's, and want Mary to follow in their footsteps.
Mary is entering her last year of college, hopefully graduating with a major in english and a bountiful amount of job offers due to her extracurricular activities. In the small amount of spare time that she acquires, Mary is usually working at Benefit Cosmetics counter at Macy's, gleefully helping people look and feel their best. Mary has many friends at UC San Diego, and the majority of them are from Kappa Xi (she doesn't usually talk to other non-Kappa sorority girls). Her best friend is her right-hand woman, Carmen Wilson, and when the two get together, there's no stopping them. It's the only time Mary feels relaxed and carefree. Mary also is on and off dating the head of the frat, Matt Greene. They have had a tumultuous past, at best, but despite all their fights and arguments, they still love each other. Around school, Mary is known as the overachiever with a lot of sorority spirit--and just school spirit in general. She's bubbly and lively and brainless at times. She'll recruit anyone to join Kappa Xi if she can, and she's not afraid to draw a little attention to herself if it means success in her future. Mary loves wearing bright colors, and almost exclusively totes around that preppy look that's rather uncommon on the west coast. But alas, Mary doesn't care. 
Sorority: Kappa Xi (president)
Why they are in the sorority: She's a third generation legacy of Kappa Xi.
-That Man -- Caro Emerald
-Give Me Love -- Ed Sheeran
-Lights -- Ellie Goulding
-Starships -- Nikki Minaj
-Live While We're Young -- One Direction
-Mermaid -- Train





Model: Frida Gustavsson

Short story from your characters point of view about the last day of summer before going back to UC San Diego:

[the inner monologue of the one and only maryssa belle castle. enjoy ;3]

Ha! Summer. What was that? Some distant, far off fantasy for people who had no life? I didn't get a 'summer'. I didn't get an enjoyable three and a half month vacation with zero worries about school, work, or my social life.

No. Between planning out ideas for my chapter's bid day and designing super adorable t-shirts for rush week and not to mention applying for internships (which, by the way, run few to none for an english major like myself!), I had absolutely no time at all for the typical leisurely activities like the usual boating out on the inner-coastal, lounging poolside in Myrtle Beach, hitting the boutiques in Nantucket for their wicked awesome summer sales, or even just sleeping in for crying out loud!

But of course, I'm not complaining. I've been blessed with far too much things to complain about.

And so, alas, here I am, packing up my last bits of Lilly Pulitzer sundresses and Jack Rogers sandals for another extended stay in the grand ole state of California for yet another year of college. Luckily (or maybe unfortunately? I haven't decided yet) this will be my last year. So naturally I have to go out with a bang. And by bang, I mean lead the greatest sorority on the face of the planet into stardom and organize one heck of a killer formal and claim the hottest boy on campus as my own and pretty much own the social party scene so that my name, too, will go down in infamy at UC San Diego, with the likes of other fabulous women like my mother and grandmother.

Anyways, I got off too far on track. For those who don't know me--which is hard to believe; I mean, I'm me!--my name is Mary Castle and I'm about to rock UCSD so hard, it'll still be shaking decades from now.

First step? Rule Kappa Xi like no other president has before.

Watch out world, here I come. 

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