"Sometimes the world tries to knock it out of you. But I believe in music the way that some people believe in fairy tales. I like to imagine that what I hear came from my mother and father. Maybe the notes I hear, are the same ones they heard, the night they met. Maybe that's how they found each other. Maybe that's how they'll find me. I believe that once upon a time, long ago, they heard the music and followed it" - August Rush.
Song: This Time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers - listen to it! It's amazing:)
I got tagged by twilight123e for this movie tag, here's her wonderful Remember Me set: http://www.polyvore.com/everything_you_do_in_life/set?id=21179435

My favourite movie at the moment is August Rush. I've had goosebumps watching this movie about two years ago, it was spectacular. The scenes have an fantasy element, and it also explores true-to-life human situations such as bullying. It was about a boy following the music to find his parents. I thought the music was incredible, it was like a mix of rock, gospel and classic, bringing everything together in a way which works very well. I think the ending could have been better but overall it was a pretty amazing movie. Freddie Highmore and the rest of the cast did such a great job. I rate it 5/5. 

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Okay, please don't tag me anymore! Pretty please? I've truly had enough. Unless your tag is different like this one, where I don't have to pick a damn item because if it is, I'm just not going to do itXD How fun it is ignoring tags!


Wrote 5 years ago
This casual outfit is so sweet and darling!!! I love the sweater with the adorable flats and jeans!!! Such a wonderful layout and theme!!! Love the set!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
this movie is amazing! stunning set :)

Wrote 5 years ago
love this

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Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
beautiful necklace <3

Wrote 5 years ago

Wrote 5 years ago
awwww...sweetie..thank you so much for your lovely comments :D you're so nice..love youuuu :D that set is adorable..your background is so perfect with all these pics and omg i luv the butterflies all over the outfit..that knit jumper is so cute and seems to be so soft..i adore the way you matched it with simple jeans and a pair of sweet ballet pumps..and wow those pouches are amazing :D :D and the jewelry really awesome.. :D

Wrote 5 years ago
This is soo sweet! Please join my group and enter your sets. I would love to have them featured on my website =] http://www.polyvore.com/age_taurus/group.show?id=66563

Wrote 5 years ago
this movie is fantastic... and your sets too ofcourse! *hugs*

Wrote 5 years ago
This is one of my favorite movies! :) Great all the sets! :))

Wrote 5 years ago
OHHH THIS IS LOVELY!!!!!!!! :D :D This outfit is so cute!!!!!! <3 I love this sweater and those jeans!!! Those Pitanga flats are adorable!!! awww this bag is so original and beautiful!!! I love this necklace and those earrings!!! Eveything looks so magical and beautiful in this set!!! I love the cute butterflies and music notes and the way you've placed them! I haven't seen this movie but the pics look so lovely! I have to see it! fabulous set dear!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Wrote 5 years ago
I love this movie!!!!!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
that's a great movie!!

Wrote 5 years ago
so lovely!!!!!

Wrote 5 years ago
wonderful! love that jumper

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Wrote 5 years ago
soooooo lovely

Wrote 5 years ago
i saw a few part of this film and its so cute!

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