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Last exposition story - the one after this is supper important :)

Ana Harper; April 3

I was sitting in history, practically draped over Olivia so I could chat to Willow, the teacher out of the class grabbing something she’d left in her office when Luke’s outburst rang out across the class room.

“Fuck that shit.” Are his exact words and in that moment I was so glad Ms. Hooper was out of the class. Not because Luke was going to get in trouble but because it would put her in a grumpy mood for the rest of the lesson which was fun for absolutely no one.

Stopping in the middle of their conversations the whole room turned their attention to Luke. He just kinda glared at them, which wasn’t actually that far from his usual expression and everyone hastily went back to their own conversations. Of course because I was curious as anything I didn’t, instead hoisting myself off Olivia and instead sprawling over Harry who was on my other side, between me and Luke

“What’s got Luke’s panties in a knot?” I asked Harry, my cheek brushing his.

Honestly I expected it to be something trivial or stupid or high amusing, like an argument over his taste in movies or something, when Harry answered however he was speaking quietly, subdued for the crazy boy, “Stuff with his sister.”

“Oh.” I said smile dropping off my face and my arms wrapping around Harry’s shoulders for some sort of comfort, thinking of Luke’s sister and the issues she’d been having with her health recently.

“Yeah. Some boys have been bullying her or something.” Harry confirmed, defiantly sad. I hated it when Harry was sad, when Luke was sad and angry and lashing out. It just wasn’t right.

I felt anger building in my chest, I didn’t say anything of course, just squeezed Harry tighter. I wanted to reach out and squeeze Luke’s hand, give him a hug or something but still, almost three years after the shit of our huge argument I didn’t know where we stood, especially when he was angry to begin with.

I settled on a tentative, though forced cheerful “Luke, you look like you need hug.”

He rolled his eyes, though I did get a smile even if it was pretty damn forced. Which is the moment Ms. Hooper chose to return and we all directed our focus back to the front of the classroom. 

Of course I made sure to keep an eye on Luke for the rest of the lesson, and okay maybe the rest of the day.


“So I think,” I started to say, taking a bit from the apple that Willow had shoved into my hands and was practically forcing me to eat, “Well I’ve come to the conclusion at least that you have a really nice butt Harry.” I threw into the general circle when a lull took place in the conversation, nonchalantly continue to eat my apple.

Willow groaned, Joel looked at me in disgust and Keira rolled her eyes. No one else really said anything though, because apparently they were used to me by now. Which was a shame, shocked reactions were the fun part.

“Hmmm,” Olivia tilted her head to take a look at his ass, which was pretty easy seeing as he was sprawled out on his stomach, “It’s alright I suppose though I never would have noticed if you hand’t pointed it out.”

“Ben of course has the nicest.” I winked at him, reaching over to pat his cheek. He swatted my hand away with a long suffering sigh, “Which is a shame you know.”

“Because you’re never going to see it.” Olivia nodded along solemnly trying not to giggle. Everyone else was mostly just dealing with us in that long suffering way they had perfected projecting. I didn’t even care anymore (okay I did but I was much better at pretending the thought of them getting sick of me and leaving didn’t terrify me now)

“You’re never going to see mine either.” Harry rolled onto his back, looking up at me with a glare. Well actually he was one of those people that always looked stoned so it was a Harry glare. Something that I’d gotten well used to interpreting over the past 6 years.

“It’s more likely.” I shrugged which okay wasn’t true because Ben was one of my best friends and Harry, well he was the one I’d been friends with for longer except Ben but he spent time with mostly everyone else.

“What exactly makes a good butt?” Willow asked inquiringly, speaking up and Joel groaned.

“Are we really going to talk about this?” He asked glaring at me. It was such a common occurrence, from everyone but him in particular, that I ignored it.

“Of course,” I nodded with a wink, “I guess it’s like what makes nice boobs?” I said questioningly never having talked about it before.

“Yeah I guess.” Olivia nodded, “Like the shape.”

“Firmness.” Ben chimed in with a smirk, “Like you want them to be firm but not rock hard.”

“Don’t you have to feel them for that? How would you know?” Willow questioned curiously as Joel made a disgusted noise and got up to leave.

“I’m leaving if we’re going to continue talking about this.” He said threateningly.

“Ok, bye.” I waved him off with a cheeky grin, not really looking up at him. He huffed and walked over. 

Matt’s eyes swivelled between the two of us for a minute before finally calling out “Hey wait up mate.” As he got off to run after him.

“Now that we’ve got rid of them.” I cackled slightly, only the girls, Harry and Ben remained since Christian wasn’t at school today. and anyway Harry looked like he was dozing in his own little world as he did so often, “Let’s return to the vitally important topic of butts.”

“Yes.” Ben nodded his head sagely, “we must educate young Willow in the ways of bum hotness.”

“Heaven forbid she dates a boy with a terrible ass.” Keira rolled her eyes but she was grinning and still here so that was a win.

“Please his ass hardly matters.” Sophia chimed into the conversation, and that was when I knew it was going to the point of no returns, “What really matters is his pen.is.”

Willow’s eyes widened comically, sending us all into peels of laughter.

That girl was to innocent and unobservant for her own good sometimes.

Well mostly actually.

Abrupt ending. Oops whatever. Anyway pinky swear Harry is the last character to be introduced and he doesn’t even play an important role. Like seriously I named him Harry because Harry Potter was on tv. (ok there’s a reason he’s here, he plays a role he just isn’t super important. Like he doesn’t need a model and everything) XD Also another story should be up before bed, watch for it because it’s important.
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