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+Bijoux Marguerite Chevalier (On the brink of 20)
+Vlada Roslyakova
+Currently without a job but Florencia has taken note of her past time, designing
+Character Study
What Sector Do You Belong To? 
--Back in France, Bijoux was in Sector 5 but now, given her circumstance, she has been upgraded to sector 1.
--Bijoux is best and often described as innocent and wholesome. Born on the outskirts of Paris into a Sector Five family, she was raised with proper etiquette, respect and manners and she was quite the household name in Paris' rural areas from her, her sister and her mother's clothing business called Chevalier Designs. As Bijoux and her sister Elouise started growing, the economy was getting harder and harder until, sooner of later, France was engulfed by the YIQUE phenomenon. Though YIQUE didn't take control over Europe, everyone was intrigued with the way of live and sooner or later, France was consumed in a wave of white and black, sporting tiny YIQUE emblems over their breast. When the YIQUE era reared it's head, the cost of white, silver and black fabrics increased drastically until the designing of clothing was only left to the bigger brands in Europe. This left the family of four to rely on only Gaspard Chevalier's small door-to-door sales company and they were slipping through the cracks of starvation. Exactly 17 days prior to the official closing of Chevalier Designs, flyers were sprawled all over Europe (along with the rest of the world), stating that the son of Florencia and Erasmo Odoughtery was seeking a spouse and was requesting three lucky girls to stay with them in Machiavellia. Though Bijoux was always against arranged marriage, she agreed on signing up, knowing staying in Machiavellia with Maxim Odoughtery would been the sustenance of the Chevalier family business. Flash forward two weeks when she received a hand written letter from Maxim telling her to pack her bags and leave the country. Bijoux has never left Paris before, let alone the country and is petrified on staying with Machiavellian royalty. She has no idea about the seriousness of YIQUE and is bound to notice that there is a 100% no tolerance rule against colour. Isn't that suicide for a designer? It also doesn't help that a sweet servant boy has caught her eye when she's due to love another man. Whether it be the competition against the other two girls, rebellions and revolts or hasty love triangles, Bijoux Marguerite Chevalier is going to have no idea what hit her.


I'm a little new here so pardon me if I cannot 
pronounce your names right. I'm sure we can 
become great friends. 

Bisou, Bisou.

{Relationships? Bijoux needs a best friend :3)
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Wrote 4 years ago
oh hello my dear, my name is Eden and I would love to show you around. :)
xo, eden j. ramsey
(friends or best friends??)

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