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Vanessa Abrams (fifteen - sophomore)
Likes: Brooklyn, rock n’ roll, the color black, foreign films, New York’s underground, thrift stores, filmography
Dislikes: Constance Billard, preppy boys, high-society, her classmates, hotel parties, bikinis, high-heels
- Vanessa Abrams - with her long flowing black hair, her pale skin, her deep soulful eyes – could easily be considered one of the most gorgeous students at Constance Billard school for girls. It would be so easy for her to get a boyfriend, go to the right parties, and end up the envy of every girl in the school. Too bad she couldn’t care less. Vanessa hates the upper east side world that she’s forced to take part in, and tries to avoid it as much as she can. Therefore she glides mostly under the radar, preferring to spend her time in Brooklyn, taking in the music scene. At school she’s just that weird girl you see lurking in the halls, or who only ever so often makes an insightful comment in class. Vanessa’s just biding her time through high school, waiting to get out and start her career as a filmmaker. But, can little miss Brooklyn stay out of all the drama that her classmates will be cooking up this year? We have a feeling she just might be drug into it more than she would want. -
Model : Olivia Lefebre

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Mornings were a b i t c h.

That was the only tangible, comprehensive thought that streamed through Vanessa Abram’s consciousness early on Sunday, September the seventh.

The sunlight was pooling on top of her duvet, and Vanessa glared through her messy hair at the insulting curtains who were, apparently, not doing their job very well. She tried to rouse herself further with the thought that she and Dan had plans in about forty-five minutes. Groaning faintly, she swung her legs around and planted her feet against the chilly wooden floor. She rolled her shoulders and her neck, trying to work the kinks out of her upper back. 

She stood and shuffled across her (too) small room to her vanity. She plopped down on it, and examined what she had to work with this morning. Hair wasn’t too messy—actually behaving, thankfully—and fell in pretty, mermaid-like waves to the middle of her back. It was a little bit greasy at the top, but that was fixable with a few bobby pins.

She noted, miserably, that if it was a school morning, she wouldn’t have had a s h i t to spare about her appearance, but this was Dan, and it was just going to be the two of them. Looking like she didn’t give a s h i t was not an option. 

So she smeared two clouds of dark brown eye shadow, added four lines of black liquid liner, and a few swipes of mascara. Done. She left her hair down, but pinned back the greasy pieces in the front.

She’d already had an outfit in mind, so it didn’t take her long to change her underwear and get dressed and find her camera bag. She shoved her wallet in the front pocket and let her cell phone settle in her back pocket.

She left her room, walked down the hallway of the apartment she shared with her sister, into the living room. Whoever was crashing on their couch was hid behind a cloud of black hair and a throw pillow, so she didn’t dwell on it. She slipped out the front door, closing it and locking it behind her. The creaky elevator took her downstairs, and she let the chilly Brooklyn air claim her outside.

It only took a couple minutes to reach the coffee shop where she met Dan almost every other morning. She could see him through the window. He’d clearly already been there for a little while. He large mug was in front of him, and he had the brown leather-bound notebook that he was never without in front of him. He was bent over it, and through his mop of dark hair, she could see him chewing on his lip. Thinking. About Serena. Most likely. Unfortunately.

Her mood soured slightly, she opened the door and let the chocolate- and coffee- (and there was a little bit of mold lying beneath lingering scents as well) –laden air.

Dan didn’t look up when the little bell jingled above the door—Vanessa didn’t expect him to. He didn’t notice anything when he was sucked into that notebook. But to Vanessa, it was understandable. When she put herself behind the lens of a camera, nothing else mattered.

If the whole freaking world was on fire, then she was gonna film it, dammit, and then she’d worry about her safety. She could spend hours, working and reworking shots, editing, re-editing. Creating. 

Vanessa fished her wallet out of the bag, then left the camera bag on the table. She headed up to the counter and ordered, and the barrister promised to bring it to her table. She didn’t smile or say thank you, and the man probably thought her rude, but she’d been going to school with girls like Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen for years. You couldn’t afford to care about what people thought about you, because that led to obsession with your image. And that led to girls like Blair and Serena.

People Vanessa never cared to look like.

So Vanessa didn’t care about what people thought about her.

Yes, it was really that simple.

“Morning, Dan,” she murmured, sitting in the chair opposite him. 

No response.

Rolling her eyes, she said more loudly, “Mr. Humphrey!” Right on cue, Daniel’s head jolted up, his eyes wide and startled.

A short giggle leaked out from between her chapped lips. “Anyone home?” she teased, tilting her head to one side. 

“No,” Dan said, grinning and shaking his head, “No one’s home actually, so you should stop bothering Daniel’s home before someone calls the police.” he teased right back as he closed his notebook and pushed it away from him.

“Not a chance,” Vanessa retorted, rolling her eyes again. 

“I just can’t get rid of you. Maybe I’ll get a restraining order instead of calling the police.”

“Yeah right,” Vanessa said, “You wouldn’t survive without me.”

“Mmm, I don’t know about that,” Dan said vaguely, taking a sip from his mug.

Their banter was cut short when a mug was placed in front of her. She glanced at the barrister and nodded, then turned back to talk to Dan again. 

But his eyes were elsewhere, watching something walk down the sidewalk. A blonde girl, in a grey pea-coat. Not Serena, but anything blonde made Dan look up nowadays.

Vanessa rolled her eyes but said nothing. She didn’t want to appear petty, or worse, jealous, so she left Dan to his devices in hopes one day it (or Serena’s hand, perhaps) would smack him in the face and set him straight.

She could wait. If Dan could wait for Serena, she could wait for Dan. It couldn’t be that hard, right?

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word count: 943
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