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fun emma fact; about 10 or so years ago, i attended this academic summer camp at duke university's marine lab because i scored well on the SAT's in 7th grade and took a 3 week college level course called "piracy and mutiny in maritime literature". yes, i willfully took college classes about pirates and it was AWESOME. i even wrote my "dissertation" on the transformation of elizabeth swann throughout the potc trilogy AND had a chance to visit blackbeard's home in beaufort, nc. so thanks, duke tip, for preparing me for this rp ;)

{Katrina Bellamy, Captain of the Turntide Dancer}
Age: 18
Berth: Queenston by way of Plymouth, Devonshire, England
Most current ship assignment: The Turntide Dancer 

Bio: Katrina Bellamy wasn't always Katrina Bellamy. In fact, that never had been her true name. Katrina was actually born Elizabeth Ward, daughter of Privateer Bartholomew Ward of the Royal Navy. When she was but an infant, however, Bartholomew was relocated to protect the city of Port Royal, Jamaica, from pirates and in doing so, he took his wife Mary and their newborn daughter on a journey from Plymouth to Port Royal. However, as their ship neared Bermuda, they were attacked by pirates led by the Captain, Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy. Both Bartholomew and Mary were murdered by the crew, but in a sudden act of kindness, their daughter was spared. Black Sam chose to raise her himself, for even though he was a pirate, he still had his own soul to save, and drowning an infant would indeed send the "Prince of Pirates" to an eternal hell. Black Sam chose to name the infant Katrina and from then on, she was raised as the Captain's daughter aboard the vessel 'Marianne'. A knowledgable and savvy pirate in her own right, Katrina has spent more days at sea than on land, with no recollection of her prior life, of her birth parents, or how her so-called father had in fact killed her family. After her father was captured and hung by the very same Royal Navy that her biological father was apart of, and his ship was sunk, Katrina found her way to the Sistren of the Black Sails, who welcomed her in. She soon rose to the ranks of Captain of the Turntide Dancer, a vessel she had won in a bet against a pirate named Thomas North. Katrina has earned herself a bit of notoriety within the Sistren and the Caribbean waters for her steadfast devotion to the life of piracy and The Code, as well as her morals by which she has adopted from the now-deceased Black Sam. Katrina, while tough and strict, still has a heart. And like her adopted father, she is merciful and generous to those she has captured after raids, sometimes earning her the nickname "Princess of Pirates", an homage to her own father. But Katrina's unorthodox merciful nature has been taken advantage of in recent happenings, and if Katrina doesn't realize this soon, she could find herself mutinied and drowning at the bottom of Davey Jones' Locker, especially since not everyone is as forgiving and kind as Katrina is in regards to piracy.

Personality: Practical, morally righteous, merciful, obsessive, a steadfast rule-follower (especially in regards to The Code), attentive, adventurous, vengeful against the Royal Navy, straight-laced, dedicated & impatient

Likes: the salty sea air, torrential downpours, crystal clear waters, sea shanties, ghost stories, gold, the thrill of heading a raid, Puerto Rican rum, bumbo, sword fights, green apples, elaborate jewels, power over others as well as people at her command, the Caribbean, memories of her father and those who speak well of him, & a dedicated morally righteous crew.

Dislikes: Tortuga at night, Tortuga during the day, the taste of grog, drunken men, being on land for too long and just land in general, still waters (especially with no wind in the sails), the hot Caribbean sun, unruly crews, Bimini, the Royal Navy and most of the English monarchy (of course, she is unaware of her true history and birthplace), & prisoners who reject her generosity after raiding a ship for the sole reason that she is a pirate

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"We've spotted a vessel on the horizon, Cap'n. It sails black flags," barked the Navigator atop the mast of the HMS St. George, wielding the spy glass in hand.

The sudden, surprising news jolted Bartholomew Ward from his reverie at the helm as he steered the grand ship toward their new home in the Caribbean: Port Royal, Jamaica.

"How far off-land are we, boy?" Bartholomew shouted back.

"About 25 kilometers, sir. Off the coast of Bermuda."

By this time, the entire crew had stopped their duties aboard the ship, waiting on bated breath for the Captain's orders. They had never encountered pirates before. Of course, they had been warned about the possibilities of a raid upon their departure from Plymouth, England. But their ship was just a vessel to transport the Captain and his family to their new home; it should have been nothing of use to the pirates that patrolled these waters. 

Bartholomew paused, his hands gripped tightly on the ship's wheel. To his right, which he hadn't noticed until that moment, was his wife, cradling their newborn daughter who was oblivious to the entire situation. She watched on with horror-stricken eyes and pursed lips.

"Mary, do exactly as I say: take Elizabeth down to the hull and hide there with her. Make no sounds nor movements until I give the all-clear. Should the opportunity arise, try to escape as quietly as you can with the dingy," he whispered in quick, hushed tones. Turning to the crew, Bartholomew continued. "Ready the canons. Hoist the colours. Men, prepare for battle. Under His Royal Highness's Name, we will not let these filthy scoundrels get away."

In a fury of commotion, the entire crew hastily got to work. Everywhere, men pulled on ropes, tied pillars together, hoisted the canons up, and slung the lead canon balls around with heavy heaves. Meanwhile, Mary and her daughter Elizabeth found themselves climbing between two large barrels of rum and a crate of rotten fruit, hidden beneath the shadows that infiltrated the hull of the ship. 

The air became still and thick as the early morning fog began to roll out, revealing the stagnant, still waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Not a seagull was in view and no body made a sound. Even little Elizabeth, swaddled in a thick tarp and held tightly against her mother, didn't cry. Her mother held her breath for longer than she thought possible as the ship slowed to a still and the wind died out.

Then a force hit the ship so hard, it tipped the vessel nearly on its side. Canons clamored in the hull as they spilled their contents out, wooden crates fell on top of crewmembers, and deafening screams could be heard on deck. To keep from crying, Mary bit her lip and prayed with all her might that Elizabeth would remain quiet as well. 

Another blast rocked the ship, this time sending salty sea water spilling into the cabin around Mary. There were loud shouts from the deck and heavy foot steps echoed in the deserted hull of the ship. The clanging of metal could faintly be heard under the sound of canon blasts.

It was happening: they were under attack by pirates.

The raid seemed to last for what seemed like days to Mary until suddenly, all was quiet. Slowly, she peaked her head out from behind the barrels. Wood splinters as large as a man's forearm littered the floor and beams of light flooded into the cabin from where canon balls had blasted through layers of wood. Sea water pooled at her feet, rising by the minute. But most importantly, there was no more shouting. No more fighting.

As quietly as she could, Mary stepped out of her hiding spot, still holding Elizabeth as tightly as possible, who was now surprisingly asleep after all of the commotion.

Mary found her way to the top deck and slowly peered around. Unidentified bodies were strewn across the floor. She was unsure of who they were: pirates or privateers. But she didn't care. Mary needed to find her husband.

"Aye, you. Stop right `ere," a voice, callous and cruel, called from behind her as she rose up to the deck. Mary contemplated jumping overboard to escape, but the baby in her arms kept her from doing so.

"Ah, muss be the Cap'n's lady. A beau'y, i'n't she? Why don't you turn around for me, m'lady?"

Slowly, Mary turned to face the voice behind her. He was a plump man, no taller than she, with long unkempt greying hair and a stench so foul, she wanted to vomit.

"If you're won'drin`, you're handsome lil` husband is o`er `ere," the man laughed. Mary followed his pointed finger up the main mast and to the left, were a body was strung up, swaying in the stillness of the sea.

She gasped and let out a dreadful cry that woke Elizabeth, who then began to stir in her arms. 

"We don't like privateers `ere in our wa`ers, m'lady," he grinned. "We don't like them `ere at all."

Before Mary realized it, the foul man was quickly approaching her, grinning from ear to ear. She took a cautious step back, but found herself stumbling backwards into another pirate as loathsome as the one in front of her.

"You toss the babe, I'll take the lady," the pirate ordered, talking to the other pirate behind her. Mary let out a scream as the two closed in on her and closed her eyes, holding Elizabeth as close as possible to her chest.

"WHAT is going on here, gentlemen?" a third voice, more terrifying and powerful than the two pirates, filled the air around them. It was a deep and booming voice that sent chills up Mary's spine.

"We found the misses, Cap'n. She has a child...what shall we do?" The pirates looked pitifully up at their Captain, who didn't make a movement.

He was quiet for a moment, deep in thought as Mary stared at him in horror. 

"Overboard; to Davey Jones' Locker," he said at last, much to the crew's jovial cheers. "Sorry, m'lady, but your husband took out half my crew. It's just collateral damage," he explained with a nonchalant shrug before turning around toward the bow of the ship.

"And the babe?" another pirate called out.

The Captain paused again, this time more in thought than the last. "I'll take him."

"It's a girl," someone else shouted.

"Then I'll take her," he said stoically. Mary screamed as a pirate nearby snatched Elizabeth from her arms. She tried to crane her neck backwards to see her daughter as two other men pushed her toward the bow, where the plank awaited.

Behind her, she could just make out the Captain as he cradle her daughter. It was an odd sight to see such a fearsome man with the infant. But that was the last thing she saw....

The Captain looked down at the child in his arms, curiously watching her as she calmly looked about her surroundings, as if nothing was out of the ordinary. 

"Welcome aboard the Marianne...Katrina," Captain Sam Bellamy greeted. He whistled briefly then turned to the small boy at his feet he hadn't seen earlier.

"Edward, take the infant below deck. It is your duty to watch after her, savvy? She'll make for a fine pirate someday."

The boy, no older than five, nodded silently and accepted the small baby into his arms before hurriedly scurrying into the darkness of the hull.

- - - -

"What the--" Katrina gasped, sitting up in her makeshift bed so quickly, she slammed her head into the wood rafter above her.

"Bloody hell," she cursed, rubbing the now-bruised spot on her forehead.

She heard a snicker to her left and rolled her eyes as that familiar face came into view from behind the shadows of the ship she was currently taking residence on.

"Well, it'd be a lie to say you're quite the peaceful sleeper," Edward chided, unable to contain his mocking laughter.

"Bite your tongue before I cut it off myself," she threatened to no avail.

Edward smirked and grabbed onto the rafter above them, swinging momentarily before landing heavy-footed on the ground. "Bad dream? That's all I could hear from up on deck."

Katrina rolled her eyes and huffed. "No...not really...I don't know. It was that same dream from a few months ago."

"The one with the mermaids and His Royal Highness?"

"No," she sighed, shaking her head. "The one with the pirate attack on that family. I couldn't make out the faces, though."

"I'd say it's just a matter of too much stagnant salty air, Kat--"

"Don't call me that," she interjected, but Edward paid no heed.

"--You just need a night out on land. Bims, perhaps?" he inquired, raising a mischievous eyebrow.

Katrina shook her head sternly. "Absolutely not. I have told you once and I've told you again, alcohol leads to poor choices and rash decisions. And as a respectable sailor--"

"Pirate," Edward corrected.

"--I won't be making any bad judgements. It's bad form," she chastised him.

"Of course, Kat--"

"Katrina," she sighed.

"--Whatever you say. You father would have wanted you to /enjoy/ your life of freedom and piracy and whatever else that entails. You're not some poor soul enslaved by the Royal Navy."

Whatever argument Edward was trying to make was lost. Katrina paid no attention to him. 

"I'll see you tomorrow morning then," said Katrina. "At the sun's rise. We're setting sail to a new location and I'm quite certain this Captain won't hesitate to leave your sorry arse on land, unlike the last time. Savvy?"

"Aye, whatever you say," Edward grinned before leaving as silently as a ghost. Katrina just shook her head and chuckled.

**yay for some historical accuracies (ie, "Black Sam" was actually a real pirate) and a ton of historical inaccuries (Black Sam never adopted a daughter). Also, I'm thinking of adding a Pre-Blackbeard Edward Teach for shitsandgiggles to Katrina's history ;]
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