I sipped my champagne and eyed Erich talking to one of Amelia’s sl*tty minions, she is clearly h*tting on him and he is letting her – I instantly wish I could claw her fake red hair off.
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to drink alone?”
I rolled my eyes as I placed my half empty flute on to the table next to me, “can I help you, Robert?”
He smirked, “I have a tiny favor to ask.”
“Wipe the smirk off your face then maybe I will help you.”
“Fine,” he smiled lightly, “better?”
I nodded, “yeap – so what do you need?”
He fidgeted with the end of his suit as he shifted slightly, “Ineedyoutohelpmepickachhristmaspresentformyson.”
I raised an eyebrow, “what? Speak slowly Rob, I don’t get what you’re saying.”
He sighed, downing his champagne with a swift gulp, “I need you to help me pick a present for my son.”
I smiled – feeling my heart being touched by his words – who knew Robert Bass has a heart after all.
“Sure,” I grinned, “How old is he again?”
I knew he was around a month or so when I told him about the baby’s existence but that was a hell long time ago – I’ve lost count.
“Around 9 months,” he smiled, pulling his wallet out before showing me a small picture of a little baby boy – I swear the baby already has the Bass signature smirk.
“He’s adorable!” I said, touching the picture slightly, “I know just the perfect present for him.”
He smiled, “I know – well I’ve never actually met him but by looking at this picture he does look adorable.”
I think my heart just stopped – never in a million years would I ever imagine hearing Robert Bass of all people to say the word adorable.
“Who are you and what have you done to Rob,” I teased.
He chuckled, “I’m trying to grow up and be a father – really.”
“Wait, you’re actually going to take care of him?” 
“His mother died – he needs someone and I don’t know – I am his father after all.”
“Well, this is unexpected,” I smiled slightly, “I mean no offence but you’re Rob – I didn’t think you’ll actually want to you know.”
“Yeah well I don’t really want him to go through the childhood I had to go through – my parents weren’t exactly the ideal parents.”
He does have a good point – I remembered the parentless birthday parties Rob used to have, the nanny or grandfather attending his parents day and much more parentless time – I can’t believe I’m saying this but god, Valentine probably spends more time with us than Rob’s parents ever has – well his mother did try and make an effort but I guess it was too late.
“So he’s spending his first Christmas here?”
He shrugged, “I’m not sure – I don’t think the orphanage or his estranged grandmother would let me bring him back to London anytime soon.”
I frowned, “but you’re his father.”
“I’m not exactly there when he’s born – I don’t even know he existed until you told me about him!”
I rolled my eyes at him and patted his shoulder, “you should seriously try to remember people you sleep with next time.”
“I’ll ask their names the next time I sleep with any girls.”

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