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/ i still need to do my christmas shopping! GAHH! f*ck you bass boys! :P
/ going downstairs for bryght's pool party - the royals are here, gotta gossip about their bikini nyehehe.
/ freezing! in need of a full body massage but all the tables are full with the party boy's friends! MEHH.

I slipped out of the pool are, making a beeline towards the kitchen - I needed something to heat me up, it was f*cking freezing!
"Hot chocolate?"
I almost shrieked in shock at the sight of Erich in his trunks, standing near the island in our dry kitchen with two mugs in his hand.
"Oh my god, Erich you almost gave me a heart attack!" I exclaimed as I made my way towards him, "what are you doing here? in my kitchen."
"I needed hot chocolate - I couldn't find Brighitte, where is that nightmare clone of Dorota?"
I chuckled, "They are cousins after all - and she's taken the week off, I'm afraid we're left with all the other useless maids."
He smirked, passing me a mug of steaming chocolate, "well - at least they don't chase me out with broom sticks or beat me up with rags."
I giggled, "You know how protective Brighitte is."
"How can I forget?" he replied, putting his half empty mug away, "she's the only maid I’ve known who dared to throw me out in the snow - half naked! I could have freeze to death out there, Anna."
"Well you kind of deserve that, Erich darling," I grinned, as I walked towards the fridge, "you just had to sneak into my room and look at me while I bath."
“I enjoy woman’s beauty - especially when they are wet and naked,” he said as Calista wandered into the kitchen with a half empty tray of cocktails.
“I think you should fire the maid with the short dress,” she glared, placing the tray roughly onto the island counter, “the nerve of her to ask me to take this to the kitchen so she could go and greet Prince f*cking William and Middleton.”
“You know, Beresford – you make a pretty maid,” Erich grinned, taking a mug out as if he owned the place, “hot chocolate?”
“Very funny, Salvatore – I swear I’ll kick you out in the snow if you call me a pretty maid again,” Calista replied under her breath as she sat on to a stool.
 “Chill, Beresford – you’re so hot right now.”
“Bella,” Calista whined, pointing at Erich, “make your boy stop teasing me!”
I smiled slightly – my boy, “I can’t, Erich doesn’t take orders.”
“That’s right – I’m not like any other people here who take orders,” he grinned, “well at least not from Amelia f*cking Vandergift.”
My face fell, “have you seen her?”
“No, sweetie – I hoped she got blacklisted,” Calista smirked, sipping on her chocolate, “she’s such a brat.”
“Beresford, you might just be my new best friend,” Erich smirked, patting her shoulder.
“Come on, give the girl a break – you don’t know her as much as I do,” I said, placing the mug on the counter, “you know how special Rob is to her.”
“Yeah, and now she’s taking it out to you – no, not just you but to all of us just because she can’t get what she wants – I mean who can stand her attitude problem,” Calista scoffed – she’s being protective of me again – typical.
“I can stand her attitude – best friends go through everything.”
Erich rolled his eyes at me, “Yeah well if she’s such a good best friend she won’t make stupid little assumption just because the spiller said so.”
“Erich, you trusted the spiller – you thought I’m going out with Rob.”
Yeah well that shut them up for a while. 
I knew it was a wrong idea to attend the brunch with Bass – it just might cause my friendship.

“You’re home,” I grinned, hugging Cyn tightly, “I’ve missed you.”
He smiled lightly, “As do I – how are you?”
“I’m good,” I smiled – yeah, I’m feeling really well! Especially after I heard people whispering about Amelia calling me a w*ore and telling people to try f*ck me or Calista or even my mother!
“You’re a bad liar – your lips twitch.”
I rolled my eyes, “Come on Cyn – you know how the situation is right now.”
He sighed, “yeah well – I should have just stayed in New York when I had the chance.”

+ incoming text messages +

Breaking news; Bass has so much bruises he might get botox :P jk
I miss u already, Anna.

I h8 every1 – I repeat EVERYONE!

Stuck in Glasgow, might miss d 1st nite of 12 days xmas party :(

Spotted , the Queen and the old king R in a very engaging…. Fight. As for King C, he looked so hurt – I might have felt sorry for him. London, I think the war is going to be declared soon.
you know you love me,
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