(this story is a day before new years eve)

"Mama," I glanced down, shifting Ollie slightly as I held on Mia's hand tightly, "where are we going?"
I smiled at her, "We are going to the coffee shop to meet Amelia and Cyn - would that be alright for you?"
She grinned, skipping slightly, "Yes because Amelia promised me ice cream the next time we meet."
"Did she?" I pushed the cafe door open, it was empty - figures, everybody is getting ready for New Year's eve, "you told her that Mama won't let you eat a lot though?"
She nodded, "Yes - because if i eat a lot of ice cream I'll get sick like Cyn."
I chuckled, helping her to sit on one of the chair, "yeah well - Cyn had too much ice cream until he couldn't celebrate Christmas."
"But he still got present from Santa," she pouted, narrowing her eyes, "naughty kids don't get presents."
"He learned his lesson," I reasoned out, sitting next to her with Ollie still soundly asleep, "plus - he didn't get as much as you."
"You have a point," she smirked - I swear this kid sometimes acts older than she's supposed to be.

[okay i need to stop here unfortunately because i have no idea what will happen since i haven't ask Chrissy what happens next lol besides i'm not sure if bella is actually there - check this set again for the finished story! :)]
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