Bella Rose Skye


Wrote one year ago
@bellaisbest leave her alone because that's not the point. she asked you to stop and you wouldn't. do you mind?

Wrote two years ago
so ur reporting me beacuse i like the pictures you post isnt that the point of polyvore

Wrote two years ago
I'm going to get my followers to report you for harassment. you wonder why you have no friends? because you're rude & inconsiderate. I took a screen shot of what you said, and I'm sending it to polyvote.

Wrote two years ago
Im gonna keep liking ur items

Wrote two years ago
hello again. you keep ℓiking my items, and i wouℓd ℓike to ask that you stop. it's actuaℓℓy quite annoying. i have very important things in my notifications that i need to see, and you've ℓiked over 5O of my items. some of these items i've cℓipped myseℓf, and i haven't gotten a chance to use them yet. it's much appreciated if you wouℓd stop. thank you in advance.
~ jiℓℓy || ♥ || ex oh ex.

Wrote two years ago
um, if you're going to like my items, the least you can do is like the collection it's in. it takes two seconds. thanks.


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