mood- happy/in love
soundtrack- when i look at you
place- Jean Georges in Trump Towers

Charlie took my hand from across the table. We were sitting at dinner at Jean Georges for my birthday. After we were headed to a party at Touch with everyone whose anyone. 
"This is night has been perfect," I said leaning forward.
"I'm glad. I hope it stays perfect for a perfect girl," he said leaning forward. I smiled a small smile. 
"The girl with the perfect guy who she loves so very dearly," I said tapping his nose with my finger.
"And he loves her even more."
"Nope, don't think so."
"Oh I know so," he said kissing me. "Now let's get out of here & hit that party of yours." Charlie stood up and took my hand to pull me up.
"Lets go." We walked out with me holding on to his arm and his hand. A limo pulled up and we got in and headed to my party for an amazing night.
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