2012/10/15 I've plan to published this set since last 2 weeks ago... just can't find the right time to show up "baby Kai yummy" why i used to called him like this~ he look so cute right?

And Kai never full awake seriously ? weird me also i do like his half-awake// and the boy in plaid shirts so damn cool since i've seen SM stylish our boys then put things for Kai like this one is my fab style of him,boys in modern retro.

Today i want to talks about rumor/fans spread some weird rumor. Sorry for strange to talks it ..
like we've known Kai ideal type girl is "Han Ye Seul" Oh mo,i love HYS too >>he said by him self another one he said a girl who had kind and gentle to him. that all i 've known..

Sth weird i found out about EXO-K ideal type just found it this week about ideal girl hight&weight is really it's true fans?
example,Kai [167-169 CM/43-45Kg.],Baekhyun [158-161 CM,38KG] exactly my sister said did fans who spread rumor about to dreaming them with unhealthy girls haha<33 beside so damn skinny models had it . who can find a general type of that hights&weight look at Uee [169-173,50-54 +-2 she said it] this all can be for idol. but ordinary ppl totally not. i've a problem with my health injured back and i'm that type of unhealthy ideal with lower weight and i know that normal ppl can't get the ugly number that I shaking head and LOL:)))) 
 ..so yahh why i 've talks about sth weird coz really day by day rumor about EXO is turn to worst to know,should be used brain to realized that hard for the numerous sources.

I started to laugh so bad with that /who not laugh? :))) .. picture of Goo Hara pop up in my mind her body reminds me to Baekhyun rumor ideal a 38 KG ? and really EXO ideal type supposed to be my funny joke before go to sleep.

I totally realized EXO fandom [their fans] is really insanely spreading rumor and crazy the most not only this one but the ideal type supposed to be funny ever, since i've seen beside TVXQ back then. sound like they 're hiding themselves to the boys's dorm.
so many sources ,rumor,news can't trust of it.
if the official Fanclub name Exotic ?? I'll not call myself Exotic so some what? 
i'm an ordinary fan suddenly so proud that i'm not turn to be crazy/saseang fan.

Go get sleep and good night to all<33
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