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Ho Hey // The Lumineers 
Inspired by @katrinaballerina

I know those aren't the actual lyrics to the song, but that's how they sounded to me before I Googled the lyrics to find out the song title and artist and it turns out I had them wrong. I'm still going to use my original lyric interpretation, because they sound better and they remind me of summer/life/youth/school. 

It turns out I don't have very many good summer fillers, pictures, or clothes. Basically, I have barely any summer items, which sucks. 

Today was a good day. We had the 6th graders from a few of the nearby elementary schools in our district to tour the junior high area of our school. I wasn't picked as a volunteer/tour guide, so I had 'regular' classes which combined both of the grade 8 classes. It was nice having old classmates from last year to talk to in class again. 

I have no homework again, the second day in the row! Well technically I have a Glogster to finish but it's due in two weeks and I could finish it in a few hours, tops. 

I better go workout now, because I've been putting it off lately. 

I still need to figure out a new Tumblr URL, a new theme and overall blog, and to get people to ask me questions on Formspring. 

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