~The Lumineers, Ho Hey {I was saving this song for the epilogue <3}


Kinda found the perfect Ryan Gosling picture for the very last chapter (or baby chapter, as @istylista calls Epilogues). And I've used that Marloes picture before, but I couldn't find a more happy and lovely one that I liked for this <3

So this really is it. The very very very end of my More Than Words, the end of something that began as an independent roleplay character, whom I never planned on really taking very far. But now I'm here, 108k words later, 257 pages later, and several amazing fans and supporters later. I am so grateful for all of you guys, it really means more than you know.

It's sad this is over and I have to let these characters go. Alexa was the first character of mine I really grew into, taking her to all these places and having all these things happen to her I never really thought to much about in the beginning. Stephan is another fictional guy I wish was real, but he's perfect for Alexa and in my head, all these characters are so real. Trey, Gracelyn, Jordan, all of them... I've become attached to every single one. I'll never forget them. I hope you won't either, and I hope you've enjoyed reading this story. It's just the first draft of course and I have already started a bit to go back and revise and edit and add stuff. But it's still one of the most bittersweet moments to see it really end, and I think I still can't really believe I've actually finished something like this. It's really crazy to think about. But again, in my head, Stephalexa will live on and I'm happy I could share their story with you all <3

I hope you like this (not entirely necessary) Epilogue, and know that I still go back and read all your comments and thoughts on every MTW set, just to make me smile. Your feedback is always, always appreciated. And if you back and reread a chapter or several or the whole story again, comment or PM me whenever you like because I'll never not want to hear what you have to say. 

So thank you all again, and here is a gif I will give you for the end, finally, of More Than Words (look at it after the Epilogue if you want more impact... <3) http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0ukniBTB11qlwm93o1_500.gif

IF you are a first time reader, and want to read from the very BEGINNING, check out the collection here for more background and all the chapter sets: http://www.polyvore.com/alexa_maye-mtw/collection?id=1148783
http://figment.com/books/396703-More-Than-Words [GO TO CHAPTER "EPILOGUE" in the Table of Contents]

[PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ! Like it, love it, any feedback at all! Tagging my awesome "fan base" now (I love you guys!). THE LIST IS IN THE COMMENTS BECAUSE IT WAS TOO MANY PEOPLE.]

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