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Yikes. What is this?!?!!? Way to welcome in the new season.

Monday April 8th: Spirit week is starting today at West Beverly Hills, and today there will be a pep rally all afternoon, starting at 1, right after lunch. That doesn’t mean you can miss your morning classes, and the teachers will all be there, so be careful!

Lydia Sebring, WCW.
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"Vous avez l'air magnifique aujourd'hui, mon amour." Luke whispered into my ear, sending me into a fit of giggles. 

"I love it when you talk to me in French." I batted my eye lashes at him as we walked hand in hand over to the benches. There was a pep rally going on and although I was completely clueless as to what and who we were getting spirited up for, I was only there to accompany Luke Errington. "But please, no more, you're teasing me. I don't want to hear another word in French until I'm actually /in/ France." Going to Paris was my dream, a dream that I had had since age four, when I first tasted a macaron.

Luke, with his hair the color of gold and eyes shining an electrifying blue, simply laughed, staring intently into my eyes. 

"Stop it!" I playfully hit his bicep. 

A girl I had seen before once or twice, Alana, or rather Lani, walked by. She stopped right in front of us. 

I was staring at her shoes--they were gorgeous Louboutins--when Luke turned my face and kissed me on the lips. I broke into laughter right after. "Why are you so amazing, Luke?" I scooted closer to him and he pulled me onto his lap. 

That Lani girl was gawking at us as she scrolled through her phone, and tried to turn away. I would have said hello to her or something since it's always been my thing to be friendly and whatnot, but I was with Luke and eating up every word he said. How could I not? Someone in his family had died, a grandmother I think, and he was going to Germany to visit his relatives. He was leaving tomorrow. I had to cherish my time with him as much as I could, while I still had the chance. It broke my heart that he was going to Germany....a country /this/ close to France. And that he would be going for a solid month. A month! It was too much to think about. 

I turned to him. "What am I going to do when you're gone, babe?"

"Skype me everyday, of course."

"Of course. But...what about...those German girls? I've heard they're really beautiful..." 

He shook his head, smiling. "You really think I'd cheat on you? It's only going to be a month...and I'll be calling and skyping you almost every day."

"You said every day."

"Every day," he confirmed. "And you don't have to worry about anything. Those girls in Germany may be pretty, but none of them could compare to you."

I felt my cheeks warm. "Gosh, stop it, you're so charming I'm afraid you're going to charm the pants off every girl you come in contact with. I'm sure of it." 

Lani put her phone away and addressed us. "You guys are so nauseating."

"No one asked for your opinion." Luke said quietly.

"Luke! Don't be mean. Lani just must be as captivated by you as I am. Am I right?" I stared at the girl out of the corner of my eye. "Who could deny it? I know I can't. I'm really into the whole blonde hair blue eyes thing."

"And so was Hitler." Lani deadpanned. 

Hitler? "Who?" I looked up at Luke for an explanation. He was way smarter than me. Surely he'd know what Lani was talking about.

"You know what, forget it." Lani picked up her bag and swung it over her shoulder. "I'm moving seats." She left.

"Bye, Lani!" I called after her, which made her pause in her steps but she didn't turn around. "It was nice talking to you!" After she was totally out of sight, I muttered to Luke, "She is so sweet. I totally love her style. I forgot to compliment her on her shoes." 

Luke said nothing. 

"Oh, and what was she saying about Hitler? Wasn't he some emperor from Mesopotamia?" 

"Babe, I think /you/ should be the one going to Germany," he laughed, playing with my hair. 

I pouted, as confused as ever. "Hon, I think I'm going to go talk to that tall girl over there. Maybe I'll ask her to come sit with us. She is /so/ pretty, isn't she?" 

"Are you testing me?"

I tried to hide a smile. "No, of course not. Okay, I'll be back in a second. It hurts me to leave you, but I can't stand seeing someone so sad." 

I ran up to the girl who had just walked in. She had probably the most perfect hair in the world. "Hi, I'm Lydia! You have killer hair!"

She didn't seem to acknowledge my presence. After a few seconds she looked at me. "Uh...I'm Elise. Thank you." 

"Hey, you should totally come and sit with us!" I grabbed her hand, getting ready to haul her over. 

"Who's us?" She asked as I pulled her along. We passed by Muffie, one of my friends. I would have talked to her but she seemed to be engrossed in conversation with someone else. I made a mental note to talk to her later. 

"Me and my boyfriend. He's really nice. Come sit with us!" I pointed at Luke and he waved back at us, grinning. 

Elise stopped dead in her tracks. She looked at Luke and then at me. "I...um...I need to go."

"What? Why?" 

"I have a thing. This thing. Sorry. I need to go." She let go of me and wandered off, getting lost in the crowd. 

I shrugged and raised an eyebrow at Luke, who wasn't smiling anymore. 

FYI: I know Lydia is really annoying and obnoxious and her fawning over Luke is petty and sickening...but that's how her character is. Hahaha I cringe at what she says too.
Tagging: @peaceloveglitter @rebelfratter @young-grasshopper oh and I kind of started drama with Lydia and Elise... kinda sorta. PM me about it, @rebelfratter
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