Ugh! I'm sick again! But this time it's like the pukey kind of flu. Ewwww........yeah, you guys didn't want to hear that. Sorry.

By the way, have you guys seen the pics from the Sherlock set!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!

SO EXCITING!!!!!!!! 

Benedict is so beautiful. I have this Entertainment Weekly magazine that had two pages on Benny! *woot woot* So I hung it up in my room. Needless to say, it is an immense distraction when studying and such, as I'm sure you can imagine. :) THOSE EYES!!!!!

Oh, I've got a question for you people! I saw this on Pinterest and I thought why not ask you all? So here goes........

The Doctor and Sherlock knock on your front door. The Doctor asks you to be hiscompanion;Sherlock asks you to be his flatmate. Which do you chose? 
 I think I would chose the Doctor. Sherlock would be brilliant, but you can't beat time and space.

Tagging some people to find out your answer. Comment below! I'm interested to see what you think!


And anyone else who wants to answer! :)
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