Berlin Fashion Week has started (okay, actually it ends on the 8th), so I thought I create a set :D

Sooo, @hijabikebabi gave me a 31st Day to the 30 Day Challenge and the challenge is to write a long description :D
Well, here it comes...(at least I try)

Yesterday my day started with the stupid fact that I woke up at like 4:30 am. I fell asleep again at 7 am and slept to 1 pm. I got up at 1:30 pm, went to the bathroom made myself a little pretty, ate something and took the bus at 2:16 pm to the city. I was there at 2:37 am and needed to kill some time, 'cause my friends and I wanted to meet at 3. My mom gave me 20€ to buy a birthday present for her colleague, which I did. After that I went to the train station to go to my lil shop where I sometimes buy international magazines. I wanted so see if they have the Harper's Bazaar UK. They don't -.- There was just USA and I hope it just ran out or something. Sooo I went to the point where I wanted to meet my friends and they were both ten minutes too late, so I could have token the other bus -.-
To make it short: I bought nothing. 
I found a few pieces I like, but it were pieces I usually don't wear and I'm afraid to try something out, 'cause I'm the kind of girl, who mostly wears Jeans and T-Shirts with a sweater. I don't wear skirts or dresses or cute blouses, which are sparkling and pink and so short that you could go out just with your underwear, 'cause you see it anyway. Also I don't wear shiny colours. I'm a dark person, muha. I like wearing black and dark blue and dark purple. I'm fine with that. The most shienst colour I wear is probably my jacket, which is petrol colored ( see: and yes, that is me jumping over a lil river and I know that it looks like I'm jumping back in the air, but I actually realised it a few weeks after I made this gif, which I've did in the middle of the night...uhu now I know why it looks like that. Anyway we made these photos at school for a project - we made a short movie but didn't won anything - and I was just in some pictures they were showing in the movie and then I just made pictures, 'cause I'm a badass in photography - some say that, I don't, I'm uncreative and stupid *le sigh* ^^) 
My friends and I went to that one store, where they offer high heels and yes, we tried out walking on those high heels and I CAN WALK ON HIGH HEELS YUP. And my legs looked super long, muha. And when I got back into my Chucks I felt small and...yeah, just really small. And I found those sneaker wedges, which I really liked and they were actually really comfortable, but like I don't wear dresses, skirts, pink, etc. I also don't wear those kind of shoes. I don't even wear flats, but thats something else, 'cause I search for flats every year but they don't fit, 'cause I have weird feet. 
Enough of that depressing shopping trip.
When I went jogging the other day I finally found my transmission cable of my cellphone. So I wanted to make some music on my cellphone and also my new alarm :D
I love Inception. So today I tried it out. And I woke up immediatley. I was sitting right in the moment I heard it. I was so glad that I woke up 'cause I actually had a nightmare. Starring: Two of my friends. But especially one. And she was a bi*ch. She was soooo mean and that without even having a reason. It was seriously not nice. NOT.AT.ALL.
So I wanted to go shopping again alone today, 'cause I thought that I maybe would have success when I go alone. But the nightmare was really a nightmare. I had a horrible headache and felt sick. Okay, that probably wasn't 'cause of that nightmare, but because I don't sleep so much. Not even in my holidays. So I just spent my day in bed. It was awesome. I had pizza. It was actually a pizza with ham, but it looked like a margarita 'cause it was full of cheese so I just could eat half of it. Just like my mom.

I should probably close my window.
x's & o's
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