Bernard Maisner Cursive Statement Card
  • Suitor Little Somethin' Somethin' Cards
    Made in the United States. Set of six white note cards with red lettering. Includes six matching envelopes. Crafted from thick white cotton stock. Dimensions: W 3.4 Inches x L 4.9 Inches.
  • CardsAsCuteAsMe Personal Card Set
    Made in the United States. Set of 12 customizable, printed cards with envelopes and a multi-purpose keepsake box. Available in Brown in Print or Turquoise in Script. Materials: Lace Trimming, Satin Ribbon, Ribbon Boxes, White Wove Envelopes, 30 Percent Recycled and Acid Free Paper. Dimensions: 2 inches by 2 inches. Dimensions H 2.0 Inches x L 2.0 Inches.
  • Pickett's Press Heart Notecards
    Made in the United States. Set of eight letterpress notecards with a heart motif and matching envelopes. Crafted from fine white, 100-percent cotton paper. Dimensions: W 4.5 Inches x L 6.2 Inches.
  • Suitor Happy Birthday Card Set
    Made in the United States. Thick white textured stock with black letterpress. Set of 3.
  • Sloane Stationery Hearts Iguana Notebooks Set
    Set of three red and pink iguana-embossed notebooks. Handmade in England by classically trained bookbinders. 15x10 centimeters / 5.9x3.9 inches.
  • Rifle Paper Co. Woodland Thank You Card
    Made in the United States. Box of eight thank you cards and matching envelopes. Crafted from natural white cover paper and full color ink. Blank interior. Dimensions: H 4.2 Inches x W 5.5 Inches.
  • Rifle Paper Co. Passport Pocket Notebooks
    Made in the United States. Set of two saddle-stitched notebooks with blank interiors. Metallic gold foil printing in two designs. Crafted from FSC-certified paper. Dimensions: H 4.2 Inches x W 5.5 Inches.
  • Stack of Books
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  • BLACK & WHITE Decorative Books, Book Collection, Masculine, Home Stack, Library, Photo Prop, Wedding Decor,
    A timeless colorful accent for decorating, a wedding, or a unique vintage gift. BLACK & WHITE 10" Long. We love this impressive combination of jet black books with bright white accents. The set measures 8 1/2" tall and 10" long. Striking! CURIOUS ABOUT OUR SHOP?
  • Assouline Dior, 60th Anniversary
    Made in China. By Farid Chenoune. 400 pages with 300 illustrations. Hardcover. Dimensions: H 14.5 Inches x W 11.5 Inches.
  • Assouline The Light of London
    By Jean-Michel Berts, Text by John Julius Norwich, ISBN: 9781614280422, 132 Pages. Over 60 Illustrations, Hardcover with jacket. Dimensions: H 13.3 Inches x W 10.3 Inches.
  • Assouline The Allure of Beauty
    Made in China. Hardcover. Approximately 130 pages with 100 images. Dimensions: H 13.0 Inches x W 10.5 Inches.
  • Best Evening Fashion - Must-Have Evening Fashion - Marie Claire
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  • BEIGE WHEAT 1950s Decorative Books, Wedding Decor, Book Collection Set, Decorating Home Library, Interior Design, neutral white black
    A timeless colorful accent for decorating, a wedding, or a unique vintage gift. BEIGE WHEAT. This is a classic combination of warm wheat and beige shades with vintage books mainly form the 1950s. The set measures 8 1/2" tall and 8 1/2" long. CURIOUS ABOUT OUR SHOP?
  • Pink velvet
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  • Juniper Books Antique Leather Book Sets
    Made in the United States. Titles are handpicked by Juniper Books and may include books in English or other languages. Contact Juniper Books directly for on-site maintenance of leather bindings including minor repairs and periodic application of leather preservation materials. Dimensions: Book set size ranges from 7.5-9.5 inches tall / 19.1-24.1 centimeters tall, 5-6.5 inches deep / 12.7-16.5 centimeters deep and 12 inches wide / 30.5 centimeters wide.
  • Products - page 2 Products design ideas and photos. The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet, including kitchens and bathrooms. Over 900,000 inspiring photos and articles from top designers around the world - page 2.
  • stock.xchng - Old Books 2 (photo by topfer)
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  • Raven Crow with Skulls - HALLOWEEN Skulls Art Print on antique book Page Crow Raven Art Print
    Raven Crow with Skulls HALLOWEEN Skulls Art Print on antique book Page Crow Raven Art Print. Contemplating the condition of his new toys, our Raven Crow is ready for eerie Poe fun. whispering, Nevermore! This listing is for one Antique Crow Raven with Skulls Art Print. Phot 4 shows a cute Poe and Raven Crow Art Print that would be lovely paired together! OUR ORIGINAL DESIGN & CONCEPT All of our prints may be ordered on MUSIC sheet book pages too. Please leave us a note when checking out as to your preference. Paper: We use gorgeous antique book pages from 1883-1890. The pages are two and three column pages with borders, considered in that day to be high end publishing as opposed to the common three page column, no border style used for lower budget publishing. The pages were printed in the 1800's by running the page through first for the text, then back again through the printer for the beautiful borders. We are the first shop to use the book pages for our prints which come from four separate books. All of which are represented in the photos of our prints. We spent an enormous amount of time researching to find our beautiful book pages for you before opening our shop in Feb 2010. The books we use are very rare and very expensive. We are also the first shop to use banners and quotes. All which are apart of our Black Baroque signature style. Print Size: The page size is 8 x 10 inches or 20.3 x 25.4 cm. Illustrations: All of our illustrations are dated from the time period between the 16th and 18th centuries. We have been collecting rare antique books for years. We have antiquarian book dealers who search for engravings, lithographs, chromolithographs, for us in the USA and in Europe. Our favorite books are miniature books from one inch to 1.5 inches in size, gold leafed pages, leather bound. Our favorite of all our collection of antique books is an antique Cinderella Book you can see on our flickr page. The link is in our profile. About your print: You will receive one book page but not the exact book page as shown in this listing as they come from one book making each page one of a kind. Please keep in mind that one of the reasons we use antique books pages besides their beauty and that they make for an interesting read, is to also to recycle giving them new life. We find that there is a loss of love of antique books except with antiquarian collectors and dealers, and in using antique book pages we feel we are helping to keep a part of history and its beauty alive. In the spirit of saving the past and recycling, we use book pages for our prints that have character flaws with spotting, uneven printing and corner bending adding antique charm to the pages. All of our book pages have that gorgeous golden color that only comes from age. The frame is not included. We do not sell them and we do not know where you can buy them. Your print will be packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with a cardboard insert to protect the print while being shipped. It is shipped in a large white mailer. The prints hanging in the room photos are enlarged only so that you may see them more clearly as an example of them on a wall. The actual size is not depicted. We offer Flat Rate Shipping to all of our customers all around the world. Flat rate shipping means you are only charged one price per order no matter how many prints you buy. For example: if you order 10 prints, and you live in the USA, you would be charged only $3 to ship all of your prints. Please read our shop policies before purchasing. We hold the copyrights to all of our prints. Delighted you stopped by
  • Design Aficionado Coffee Table Books - Set of 8- Traditional
    Collecting the perfect series of coffee table books can be a never-ending venture, so anyone with an appreciation for design with appreciate this set of Design Aficionado books. Specifically chosen for neutral colors ideal for coffee table use, this set of eight books can be used anywhere in your home and will surely expose to something new in the vast world of design. 9-13 inches high x 9-12 inches wide x 1-2 inches deep. Each book has a neutral color intended for coffee table use. Suitable for any interior display. Includes eight books.
  • THE SHOP - Vintage Backgammon Leather Book Boards - 1stdibs
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