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2013/07/13 This set will be an example of OTP aka shippers contest for my group.
"P.S. I'm not ship anybody ,the reason to made this set coz how cute of Kai smile and i like the pics"

I was tagged by @alice18195 in her 2 sets
1.what country would you live in?
So weird if i chose another so i chose my homeland South Korea&Japan.
2. your favorite group?
Big Bang/2NE1,JYJ and EXO
3. who is your ultimate bias?
Top 5 for now are G-Dragon,Kim Hyunjoong,Kai,Jaejoong and T.O.P
4. which k-pop group would you like to become friends with?
EXO and 2NE1
5. how did you get into kpop?
This is an obviously,I’m Korean and naturally listen to my native language.
6. favorite solo artist?
Lee Hyori,Ailee,Jay Park,Kim Hyunjoong,Se7en,Gummy 
7. what song are you listening to?
Random English songs 
8. beach or mountains?
9. favorite type of clothing?
Plain tees,street wear,sneakers,jackets
10. favorite TV show?
Running man,barefoot friend,typical Korean-Japanese shows.
11. favorite book?
I’ve so many but if I chose for genre I prefer sci-fi,detective,horror stories
Such as the Hannibal,Someone behind you.

1. What was your best dream?
I’ve so many
2. What is your favorite subject?
Physics , Culculate ,Designing for structural house plan and building [I studying in Engineering Fac.]
3. Who is your inspiration?
Based on my baseball field I chose Suzuki Ichiro [New York yankee player]
4. Which word you more speech?
Thank you and you’re welcome.
5. What is your reason for living?
I can’t find the right reason 
6. Which film you already wept?
The temptation of wolves, Maundy Thursday,typically Kang dong won starring in it I can’t give my feel away.
7. What song makes you happy?
Big Bang-always,many Big Bang songs
8. What was the best MV in your opinion?
My all time best in my opinion are Big Bang-Lie and Always
Not the best based on many ppl point of view but for me mini album always made Big Bang frame their name.
9. What was the worst mv in your opinion?
HyunA-Ice cream,Brown eyed girls-abracadabra[I like the group but for me MV is kind of too much]
SNSD-kissing you actually so many SNSD MVs gave me feel what was that?
Fak* Cute? WTF is going on there?
10. Whom you most hate?
... none ...
11. Which actress/actor you don't like?
I don't like the character of Jung Yoomi as Hong Sena in Rooftop prince
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