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So I was looking for a new messaging that groups more than 9 people *coughKIKcough* OTL And I after searching for some suggestions online, I found a list of good messaging apps and thought I'd share! \(^_^)/

✧ WhatsApp Messenger ✧
Arguably the world’s most popular messaging app, with more than 300 million people using it each month. Simplicity is at the core of the service, to the point that even the least-tech-savvy of folks should be able to send text messages, photos and voice messages.

• Pros: Simple to use and popular enough that most of your 
friends may have it installed already.

• Cons: While it isn’t expensive, it isn’t free, and it lacks the more sophisticated features which may appeal to some people.

• Verdict: A must-have app.

✧ GroupMe ✧ 
As the name suggests, GroupMe is dedicated to group messaging. Users can share text-based chats, photos, videos and more across the service, which is available on a range of mobile platforms and also for the desktop.

GroupMe - which is actually owned by Skype - keeps things simple. Like WhatsApp, everything is text-based, there are no voice/video calls, which makes it well-suited to techies and non-techies alike.

• Pros: Easy to use and available across a range of platforms, including the Web.

• Cons: There is no calling of any kind, and no content-related features.

• Verdict: A solid app for all, GroupMe is much like a real-time Facebook Group designed specifically for mobile.

✧ Line ✧
A messaging service born in Japan of a Korean Internet firm, Line offers a lot more than just the messaging basics. Users can send regular text messages, hold group chats, send photos/videos, make voice/video calls between fellow Line users and even play games with friends via the app.

Line is available for free, but users can spend money on virtual content like stickers, in-app purchases within games and sign-up to get messages from their favorite brands. Line supports more than 40 apps — including a nifty camera app — and there are plans to introduce music and shopping services soon.

• Pros: Offers one of the most comprehensive selection of features, including video calls.

• Cons: With so many features, there is the potential for users to get a little lost within the service.

• Verdict: An excellent choice if you’re looking to do a lot more than merely replace SMS.

✧ WeChat ✧
This China-made service has been compared to Facebook, since, like Line, because of the way it mixes a range of social network-like features with messaging.

So what do you get from this free app? All the usual messaging features — multimedia/group chat/push-to-talk voice messages — alongside voice/video calls and opt-in accounts from brands. WeChat includes discovery features, which are becoming popular ways to meet new people.

• Pros: A ton of features, although its gaming service is not yet available outside of China.

• Cons: Some stigma and concerns from being a Chinese service, while it is not yet widely used in the West.

• Verdict: Another good option if you want more than just bare-bones messaging.

✧ Kakao Talk ✧
Another free chat app from Asia — this time Korea — Kakao Talk is an interesting, multimedia-focused service, but it doesn’t have a large number of overseas-based users.

Kakao Talk offers the best selection of games on a messaging app, in our opinion, and includes all the usual chat features — group chats/multimedia — and supports voice and video calling between users. There are also other Kakao apps and clients for the PC and Mac, while Kakao has an Android launcher that is initially only available in Korea at this moment.

• Pros: Excellent selection and games, and useful calling and messaging features.

• Cons: Most users are based in Korea, and the app is rather Asia-ified, which may not be to the liking of everyone.

• Verdict: An interesting service but, unless you’re in Korea or an avid messaging fan, you’re not likely to need it.

✧ Voxer ✧
Voxer is a push-to-talk messenger app that, as well as regular text messages, allows you to send ‘walkie talkie’ like voice messages to individuals or groups. Messages are streamed live but can also be played back later.

Besides audio messages, Voxer also allows you to send text and photos and share your locations in chats. The app has a paid business version to cater to company communication and includes features such as company-managed user accounts and full administrative access over communications.

• Pros: The strong focus on audio messages sets it apart from other messenger apps.

• Cons: No video chat, and the free version of the app includes fewer features.

• Verdict: Useful app for those who rely on audio communication, particularly business users.

There's several others but these are the ones I might actually consider. Here's image chart of each app and what they do and don't offer. http://cdn3.tnwcdn.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2013/10/top22.png

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