I went to both a cat and dog cafe with my friends! The concept came from the Japanese and I am glad I got the chance to visit them. It was a really chill experience. The cats obviously didn't care much about playing but it was strangely nice to just stroke them. There was this cat which slept the whole way, only moving to change it's position. It was adorable! The laziness of cats is rather infectious. I ended up lying on the ground after a while oops. The dog cafe wasn't a super cute and exciting experience that I thought it would be. They flocked to the regulars and first timers like me didn't get to interact with them much. A little sad but hey I understand the 'stranger danger' thing. It's okay. 

Cats remind me of Taylor Swift, which brings me to 1989! I do think this is T Swizzle's best album yet, not because I like all the songs but because it is probably one which comes straight from the heart and I love that the songs are arranged in an order that almost seems poetic (it might be). I am touched by the soul which goes into making this album. It seems more mature, perhaps even with a touch of cynicism in them. Gone is the 'fairy tale' girl (hoho gone girl). I pretty much am in love with the lyrics that she has written in this album! She worked mostly with Jack Antonoff (they collide together to produce striking colours sobs) who has a great knack for songwriting. Hopefully she would do an acoustic of some of the songs because I think they would sound great! My favourite songs are Style and You Are In Love, tell me what are your favourites? xx

**Pullover and boots from http://www.blackfive.com.
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