Best Sets December 2012

My favorite sets of 2012!
  • but my world is you. ♥
    "LOVE this song and music video. The set is gorgeous too!!!" — @alivewithlove
  • #MARCtheDOT with Marc Jacobs Fragrance
    "Love this set for Marc Jacobs." — @alivewithlove
  • Yo U're so SPECIAL to ME :> ♥
    "I will always appreciate hot pink and black. This is so edgy I want to scream." — @alivewithlove
  • American Rebel
    "You can't argue. This is a badass set." — @alivewithlove
  • Senza titolo #2101
    "This girl is the princess of monochromatics. This is just my favorite because it is tres chic. Aaaand, I love bull terriers." — @alivewithlove
  • Fall Floral
    "A gorgeous fall look. See the colors? Navy, mustard, cream, gray. Perfect pairing and balance of them all. Love it!" — @alivewithlove
  • Untitled #215
    "This is so beautiful. Why does it only have one like? You people are CRAZY!
    I love how she kept it neutral yet fun on top with the bow and feathers, then used accessories to pop in the color with more serious pieces. Stunning." — @alivewithlove
  • bleehhk;jnkj
    "just in love, obsessed, whatever you want to call it. it makes me wish i was in college again so i could get away with wearing it! perfection.
    (note: i typed this whole caption one handed, holding my glass of wine. WIN.)" — @alivewithlove
  • Merry Mint
    "Mint is definitely in this season. All the pastel colors in this set just work... like I just took a sip of some cucumber water." — @alivewithlove
  • Christmas Eve
    "I absolutely love the idea of wearing a mustard yellow lace dress to a Christmas party. How refreshing!" — @alivewithlove
  • Around the Vintage Kitchen
    "I love this updated, yet still vintage look. The whole set is put together so nicely, too." — @alivewithlove
  • Untitled #1441
    "I love the pale yellow in this, it's something you don't see often. Gorgeous paired with black." — @alivewithlove
  • Silent Powdered Sugar
    "Beautiful dress, gorgeous use of coral, and yet still wintery. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself :)" — @alivewithlove
  • True Summer
    "I love the green in this... it's not something you see often. Also it is very nicely put together- you can't argue with that!" — @alivewithlove
  • coral and grey
    "I love the coral and gray border on this, first of all.
    Second, the styling and layout are gorgeous!" — @alivewithlove

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Wrote three years ago
thank you so much for adding my set and the comment as well! :):)

Wrote three years ago
thank you so much for adding my set :) - xx

Wrote three years ago
Thanks for adding my set :)


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