Besties - Episode 1

Dani's POV
Dani stared down at her fingernails. UGH. They were bitten at and scraped at. She definitely needed fake nails. "Frank!" she called to her chauffeur, "Meet me at the door in 5!" Dani quickly dressed in a random cheer tee and Soffe shorts. She once-overed herself in the mirror: medium length brown hair (she was probably going to dye the tips;it was too boring), naturally tanned skin, stubble free legs, perfectly heart shaped puffy lips, straight even white teeth, mascaraed and eyelinered hazel eyes, normal nose turned up a bit (she had gotten a nose job last year), and cake-upped face. Satisfied with her reflection, she grabbed her Vera bag and ran down the steps. "You ready?" Frank asked her. She gave him a smile, he was actually kind of cute for a Chaeuffer. "Ready as I'll ever be."
Hollie's POV
Bzzzz. Hollie's phone vibrated from under her butt. Oops. She quickly fished it out, and clicked to read the text: Heey Holls (: let's all meet at the mall!! More info on AIM!! Love yas, dani. Hollie logged into her AIM. username: holliethehottie password: ilovezane. It had been her password for as long as she could remember. Because it was true. But as long as Dani liked Zane, he was off limits to her. Hollie typed, "Heey Dani (: what mall?" and waited. Dani was a slow typer, she had gotten a C- in typing class in seventh grade. While she was waiting, Hollie fingered her long blonde hair. She had been trying to grow it out this summer, and it was working. She had just dyed it a lighter blonde yesterday (while telling people it was just the sun), but her hair was one thing to be proud of. Her body? Well...not so much. Hollie was under a lot of pressure from her mom to be super skinny, all the time. And, well, if you're looking through Seventeen all the time, what would you expect? She dieted constantly, and was almost anorexic...almost. Hollie always thought she looked fat, and used to complain about looking fat in every little thing, until Dani finally told her "EVERYONE HERE is SO sick of you. F off." That stopped Hollie complaining, but she still had the same thoughts every time. Finally, she heard the familiar message chimes. "Go to, um, Evergreen Mall Plaza. Meet by Auntie Anne's Pretzels!" Oh, god. Hollie thought she was going to be sick. Evergreen Mall was where all the food places were. Hollie sighed as she tried to resist the smells she was already getting from cinnamon sugar pretzels. This was gonna be a long day.
Leigh's POV
Leigh had grown up in Nashville, TN. As a result, she still had the same Tennessee twang accent she had had for as long as she could remember. And to be honest, she didn't really like it. Leigh wished she could talk like Dani. Normal voice. Hollie had a bit of a nasally voice, and Ryann had this weird Canadian accent where she says "aboat" instead of about, "a-gain" instead of a-gen. She says "battry" instead of battery. Leigh paced up and down. She was the first one at Evergreen, as always. The familiar smells of warm cinnamon sugar pretzels wafted from Auntie Anne's. She walked right up to the nice looking guy selling them. "Hi, Could I get 5 cinnamon sugar stix please?" she asked him. He smiled. "Sure. Where you from?" she blushed. The accent gave her away every time. "Well, I'm originally from Tennessee, but I live here in LA." "Cool" the guy said with a smile. "I'm Cameron. What's your name?" "I'm Leigh." she said smiling. "Well it was nice meeting you," Cameron said, "Hope to see you again." Cameron handed her the 5 cinnamon stix. "Oh, if you don't mind could I also have some napkins please?" Leigh asked, handing him a 5. "No problem." He walked back to get them, and was gone for what seemed like a long time. "Make sure you use the one on the top!" he said, laughing. "Okay." Leigh replied, confused. She saw her friends walk through the revolving doors. "Bye Cameron! Nice meeting you!" He just chuckled while she ran to meet her friends like she was 5 years old. Cameron was kinda cute. Who knows, maybe she might see him again.

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