hello everyone on this fine new year's eve!! (or even new year's day already in some places)
@feels-like-snow-in-september tagged me to do this collection full of my best sets of the year!! i think it's a really cool idea. so i'm tagging everyone on my taglist and whoever else wants to do this!! use the hashtag #bestof2016tag
2016 was probably my most ~stable~ year on polyvore. in years past i constantly jumped around accounts and set styles. my sets have still improved a l o t since the beginning of the year, and hopefully i'll be saying the same thing in 2017!!


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✧ the polyvore twitter squad ✧
@heyitsdamiah | damiah, the absolute coolest!! your tips and icons are honestly goals and i love seeing your photography and your amazing fashion choices. i’m so happy we’ve become friends <3
@midnight-glow | tahlia, you are such an amazing person, i love talking to you so much! i love your magazine sets and the battle of the bands is the best thing that’s ever happened to me on polyvore tbh
@gintare-13 | gintare, i’ve never ever met someone as nice as you (even though we haven’t technically met) your sets are so pretty and your twitter makes me so happy too!

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✧ specials ✧
@daisy-j-x | absolute queen of simple sets!
@popunkpizza | i admire how much you love music, and how you include it in your aesthetic!!
@feels-like-snow-in-september | jemma!! my actual polyvore goals, i’ve always admired your sets and i love reading your descriptions and seeing all your nice comments on my sets c:
@brdfrdzen | na’eema, i love how involved you are on polyvore!! i love seeing all of your creations c:
@thundxrstorms | tesla, everything about you is goals goals goals, from your name, to your username, to your sets, to your aesthetic!
@falloutjadyn | i love love love your taste in music and your sets! your color schemes are so cool
@vanessadxy | i think you’ve been an inspiration to nearly everyone on this site at one time or another?? and for good reason, because your sets are amazing and you are too!!

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✧ we crave the fiction ✧

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✧ when we need the truth ✧

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