@glowing-eyes tagged me to do a collection of my best sets of the year! #bestof2016tag
i think i improved my simple sets skills this year and i also started liking my magazine sets more, even though they don't look the way i want them to. and though i don't find time to make cropped art sets anymore, i really like the way they look.
something i'd really like to try is posting schedule, like magazine set, simple set, art set but i don't think i could keep up with it. however i'll probably try to do that anyway.


Wrote 20 days ago
;; and i wanna be here when morning comes ;;
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;; i know who i truly am, i truly do have a chance ;;
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;; i see the best of times in front of me ;;
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;; don't have to say i love you to say i love you ;;
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