Stop making the eyes at me, I’ll stop making the eyes at you ♪♫
- Arctic Monkeys. This is such a fab song. I can’t wait to see them in October ^_^ 

So yeah...this set is for lovely @elleleo ^___^ 

Hallo :) 
I made this set especially for you, just to say happy gradation on Uni!
I know you haven’t graduated yet, but in October, so think of this as an early gift :) 
I didn’t tell you because you’d say no and that there was no need but I wanted to make you a set for finally graduating Uni. No more studying Elle! :) Lucky you :)) 
You deserve all the success and happiness in life, I hope graduating on Uni will open new doors for you :’) 
I hope you like this set, I know you love Alexa’s style and vintage outfits, so this is what I came up with :’)
Thank you for your friendship, kind enthusiastic comments and it’s been really awesome talking to you :’) 
Miss you a lot :) hope you can come back and make more sets soon :’) 
Lots of love, xoxoxo
Aw, quite sad for Alexa that she’s not with Alex Turner anymore :( Thought they were the perfect indie couple. Alex the awesome singer in a cool band and Alexa the cool TV presenter with great fashion taste. 
Their names together just worked. Alex and Alexa :’) aw. 

I’ve made a lot of sets this week. Maybe I should stop, ahaha.

Update: Ahhh felt like changing my icon :) I don't even recognise myself.
EDIT: I can't believe I got Top Sets for 3rd September 2011 ^___^
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