☺ - bethany's icon contest and scavenger hunt - ☺

✿ tumblr: style-boys-world.tumblr.com
✿ motd: @r5-austinandally-taylorswift and @missjohanna02 for hitting amazing accomplishments (followers wise) and for both making scavenger hunts)! c:
✿ sotd: Out Of The Woods by Taylor Swift =D
✿ cotd: Taylor Swift, can't wait for Out Of The Woods tomorrow! ^-^
✿ qotd: One thing that you love about autumn! =D
I have finally done 1 scavenger hunt! XD
So tell me what you think of this collection! c:


Wrote two years ago
Thank you and your welcome! c:

Wrote two years ago
this is so awesome, I love it! c:
great job!

Wrote two years ago
❅ - I'm a fire starter, make your blood run faster! - ❅
@lover-not-a-fighter-1d - We have literally been poly-friends for so long now! =D Your sets are amazing, your icons are the best and you're one of the most funniest and sweetest poly-mates ever! =D Hope you we can talk more and not just on weekends! =D

@albamonkey - Your outfits are so chic! =D Teach me some of your rules! And your so lucky that you have so many followers! =D Plus, your so sweet and nice to talk to! But I think we do need to talk more everything! =D So when shall we talk next! ;D

@typical-drama-queen - I know you didn't comment for one but I'm giving you one anyway! YOUR SETS ARE THE BEST!!! OMG, I think I would marry your sets if I could and you're one of the most nicest people on polyvore! =D I'm so happy that we are besties! ^-^ Also, teach me some of your set skills! =D

@losingmystiles - Firstly, loving your Meredith icon! ;D Secondly, you seem like a really nice person, we need to chat! =D Thirdly, your sense in style is just so adorable and amazing! And finally, your sets are so cute and I love how your so individual and please continue what your doing! =D

@r0le-play - Swifties have united! =D I love it when you make those preference sets with Taylor Swift in it do with 5sos! ^-^ Also, your sense in style is amazing and your images are the best! =D We've talked once and I think you're so sweet! c:
@r5-austinandally-taylorswift - Bethany! YOU ARE AMAZING!! ^_^ Your style is just effortless and you are literally so sweetest person on polyvore! c: I also love how we have so much in common and we just generally are besties! =D

@fashionablykiki - Hey mini twin! ^-^ Everything I like, you like and that's amazing! ^-^ Also, your tips are so unique and your sets are so cute! =D Please can we talk more because I love talking to you! =D

@free-spirit2245 - I haven't talked to you but your outfits are so chic and you quote is so cool! ;D

@the-best-setmaker-in-the-world - Hey Nicole! =D Your sets are the best (like your title) and you are literally so sweet to talk to! c: As well as that, we both the same kind of mind on polyvore! =D We need to talk more and I do think your style is so cute! c:

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♥ - But I keep on cruising, can't stop wont's stop moving! - ♥
#alexlook - You make amazing sets and your literally so sweet to talk to! Also amazing account make-over is wonderful! It's literally so amazing and again, your sets are amazing!

@she-is-fearless - We've been poly-friends for so long! ^-^ You're so nice, sweet and funny! And your sets are one of the best! As well as that, your icons are super original and I love that! Keep on the good work and hope you get more followers!

@fruitcakecoleman - Hey fellow Zoe fan! ;D Your sets are amazing and you are literally one of the most funniest poly-people I've ever met! You always make me smile and your icons are just so adorable! c: Also, your style is so cute!

@abbymallak - We haven't talk that much but your outfits are pretty cute, you do have amazing items and your set layout isn't that bad! c: Also, congrats on 700 followers!

@missjohanna02 - Johanna, thank you so much for writing me an amazing imagine for my contest! Also, your outfits are just amazing and your icons are so cute! ^-^ Also, we do have so much in common and your so nice to talk to! c:

@oneheart41-d - Hey Amanda! c: Your sets are amazing, your icons are the business and your art sets are so good! =D You're really sweet, helpful, funny and so kind! You and I (get it ;D) 100% need to talk more often and get to know each other more!

@audzxo - Your icons are literally so cute and chic! c: You're sets are just adoreable and your love for Zoe + Kian makes me happy! =D I think we need to talk because you seem really nice!

@chocolates-and-chanel - Hello Kenzie! ^-^ You are literally one of my poly-besties! ^-^ Your simple outfit sets are very chic, your icons are literally the best and you're one of the most sweetest and amazing-est poly-friends I have ever met! Thank you so much for being there! =D We should try evolutionary! =D

@fangirl-1d - I really miss talking to you! I adore your sence of style, I <3 how you like Demi + 5sos and your icons are so good! Your so sweet & so nice, we really need to start talking again! Also love that your know including different celbs like Brooklyn & Calum! =D

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★ - Don't want to break your heart, want to give your heart a break - ★
@mariaclaramsouza @rubykuran @bubblenachoz @princess-bailey @lilmissjcat @mcrgurl98 @ironmanluversascha @isabella-370 (@allye-c and @tin-wreighn will do you special soon)

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❀ - Don't stop, cause you know that I like it - ❀
@diana-amber @acidwvsh @thewardenismyhomeboy @amber-styles1023 @unpopularpunk @monkeyowl @wonderland825 @danimunicota @feelinqinfinite @vanessadxy @jillafred @pandaslovepie@mcbk @meg4167 @missminty02 @amra-9 @wxld @tina13-289 @bris-beautiful-creations

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✿ - Bang bang into the room, I know you want it - ✿
@alana-h @ineelovesfood @breedsmisery @the-darlingz @greatmisery @officialvan @n0t-a-queen @fashion-posts @abigail32700r5er @disney-clipper @h-j-b @justanonslove @jonaticaajesy @amber-styles1023 @w-onderstruck @thatwhiteferret @born2fashion @m-onophobia

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♛ - You take a left, I take a right! - ♛
@shenanay @oshint @singalways161 @samiraaaaas
@kristina-payne @punkniall18 @warna @kizzylouise-1 @kara-burke @jelena-si @taylor-jasmine @noraa812821 @mikalagrace @hamaly @iheyitspriyah @hannie-t @kebab127 @the-style-of-ally @rainbowzj @amila-338


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