Bethson.Academy Characters

Bethson Academy is an exclusive roleplay club, and for this term, I will only accept the best 18 loyal and active roleplayers. To get your character, you must choose one of the character below and get inspired by the small description to fill in the enrollment, please respect the personality of the character.
Full Name:
Age: {16-25}
Date of birth:
Short Bio:
Appearance: {very descriptive here please}
Program: {modelling, photography, designing, dancing, art, acting, music} one please
Others: {you can arrange this section the way you want}
Exclusive: {yes-no, you can only pick yes if you choose an exclusives material character}
Sample Roleplay: {your choice of theme, include and outfit please}

Just fill this in and put it with a collection or a set, then post the link on the enrollment discussion on the stardoll club page.
  • Candice Swanepoel for VS Beauty December 2011
    More info
    "Ashanti Prestwich *exclusives material
    Ashanti is a total bombshell and a nice girl who expresses herself through fashion. She's not a dumb rich girl who gets anything she wants. Yes she's rich but she works her ass off for it. --- taken by misscathou9" — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Candice Swanepoel for VS Beauty, December 2011. Soft and sexy makeup looks.
  • Makeup
    More info
    "Isabella Bertini * exclusives material
    Every blond needs a brunette best friend. Isabella and Ashanti are always seen together, they have been friends since grade school and they will stay bff forever! She has the same passion for fashion." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Hockey fan with an attitude Lily is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • Gold Wedding Makeup
    More info
    "Laura Drew * exclusives material
    Laura is a total bitch. She doesnt tolerate other cliques and can be very blunt, maybe too much. She gossips, says what she thinks of someone straight to their faces and is deadly." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Are you looking for that extra special makeup to apply on your wedding day? We suggest you take a peak at some of the ideas we have for gold wedding makeup!
  • Michelle Wears Glam Headwear for Madame Figaro by Alexandre Weinberger
    More info
    "Sarah Douglas * exclusives material
    Sarah can seem like a goody-goody with her straight As and her constant studying but there is definitely has another side to her." — @louboutin-angel-xox
  • Hershesons The Invisible Ponytail
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Madeline Desrosiers
    Madeline is such a preppy girl. She dresses in super cute clothes, attends social events with her wealthy family and is very high maintenance." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Invisible pony tail by Hersheson. The detachable hair piece comes with an invisible hidden comb for easy application, to instantly create the illusion of a thick pony tail. Crafted from high quality fibres, it can withstand temperatures of 180/350F, allowing you to create any style you want. Available in a selection of natural, tonal shades.
  • Uma imagem de Leighton Meester
    More info
    "Georgia Mckay
    Georgia has been dancing since she was able to walk. She has great ballet technique and is very versatile to perform in every style. Her focus is this school will definitely be dance." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Assista a vídeos e ouça Leighton Meester: Somebody To Love, Your Love's a Drug e mais, além de 529 imagens. Leighton Marissa Claire Meester , mais conhecida como Leighton Meester, nasceu em Marco Island, Flórida, Estados Unidos, no dia 9 de Abril de 1986 . É uma Atriz e Cantora conhecida mundialmente por interpretar Blair Waldorf, em Gossip Girl. Sua primeira aparição na tv foi no programa americano Law & Order, em 1999. Outras séries em que participou incluem: North Shore, CSI: Miami, 8 Simple Rules, 24 Hours, 7th Heaven e House. Começou no mundo da música apenas por diversão em uma parceria com o grupo Cobra Starship na música Good Girls Go Bad. Leighton também participou da Trilha Sonora de um dos seus mais recentes projetos "Country Strong (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" Descubra novas músicas, shows, vídeos e fotos no maior catálogo on-line com a
  • long 60s hair
    More info
    "Christie Welch
    This girl lives for gossip. She hangs around with different cliques and spreads rumors everywhere. She can be very entertaining." — @louboutin-angel-xox
  • Bleach blonde hair!
    More info
    "Porsha Duval
    You cannot get more superficial than Porsha. She is everything fake and loves it. Watch out, this girl bites!" — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Kortney Segraves is using Pinterest, an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you.
  • g o r g e o u s g i r l s / Messy Hair
    More info
    "Rosy Braell
    Rosy is so concentrated with her designs and her collections, she doesnt keep a lot of time for herself. All she wants is to make it as a designer ao she works hard and doesnt give up." — @louboutin-angel-xox
  • Pom Beanie
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Lilian Frasier
    Lilian is a super artsy sweetheart. She is always positive and everyone loves her and she loves everyone. But can being so carefree make you a little naive?" — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Acrylic. Dry clean. 18" crown. Imported.
  • Vanessa Hudgens
    More info
    "Livy Herron
    Livy is nice to everyone. She has the average nice girl personality and blends in with the crowd easily. Thats her choice to decide if she wants to use this at her advantage or not." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Since 2003, Celebrity Gossip Blog featuring the latest celebrity scandals, hollywood gossip, and entertainment news including gossip girls.
  • Portfolio | Kendall M.
    More info
    "Janine Branton
    Janine's only worry in life is boys. She attracts them, manipulates thems, and when shes done she dumps them. She has had a loot of relationships and is very used to dating." — @louboutin-angel-xox
  • Cara 'Lacy Lady' Collar Necklace
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Angelique Dumouchel
    This girl is a real sweety. Some people even hate her for being so calm and cute. Angelique listens and watches, but when is it enough to make her react?" — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Sequins span the delicate doily lace of a ladylike collar necklace inspired by vintage looks.Sequins span the delicate doily lace of a ladylike collar necklace inspired by vintage looks. Color(s): black, gold, white. Brand: CARA. Style Name: Cara 'Lacy Lady' Collar Necklace. Style Number: 569709_2.
  • Orange Red Hair Beauty
    More info
    "Anna Lacare
    This girl is rebellious and all party. She doesnt spend one night at home and is out partying, drinking, doing drugs and all that stuff." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Beautiful ginger
  • Cher Lloyd sticks ‘two fingers up’ to girl bands *Oh dear*
    More info
    "Louise Gerard
    This girl is the definition of unique. When she walk down the hall, you cannot miss her. She can even be a tad bit...crazy?" — @louboutin-angel-xox
    Read 'Cher Lloyd sticks ‘two fingers up’ to girl bands – *Oh dear*' from our blog just sayin' on Yahoo! omg! UK. Cher Lloyd may have been heralded as Cheryl Cole's favourite on the 'X Factor' 2010 but she doesn't like to pass on the love, especially not to pop groups. The feisty star has aired her somewhat aggressive views on bands … Continue reading →
  • Amazing long hair
    More info
    "Dottie Fergeson
    This lady is very shy and silent. She doesnt open up to anyone and keeps her emotions to herself. She hangs out with her few good friends." — @louboutin-angel-xox
    amazing long hair, girl [665 x 1000 px] - Sexy/Girls - Pictures and wallpapers
  • PASTEL FANTASY // (2) Aqua Blue and Lavender Purple Hair Extensions // Clip-In // Human Hair
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Kim Lorr
    Kim can be pretty independent and distant. Her style will get make people turn around but in a good way?" — @louboutin-angel-xox
    +DESCRIPTION Amazing Custom Pastel Dyed, Lavender To Aqua Ombre Hair Extensions 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions [Can Be Washed, Flat Ironed, Curled, Etc] + MEASUREMENTS This listing is for [2] 2" Pieces One Clip Per Piece 18" long [If you'd like shorter, include desired length in order note]-Longer can be made [msg for custom order] If you'd like more than 2, adjust quantity or msg me for custom order! + CREATION TIME Currently, all custom extensions take 5-14 days for creation, due to a line of orders plus time to create! I want each set to be quality, and not just "thrown together", so I am sure to take the time to dye, and properly wash, condition, and treat each set so that it is soft, smooth, and ready to wear and amaze! + Results are most like photo when person's real hair is also dyed. A full set though, is very close to photo. Half sets or less look more like color highlights. ♥♥ Feel Free To Message Me If You Would Like To Custom Order Hair In Different Colors Or Quantities ♥♥ ♥♥ Please View Other Listings For Other Colors & Styles ♥♥ + NOTE: RUSH orders can be done for an additional amount [$20]. Msg to get custom rush listing.
  • Emma Watson Glamour Italy Magazine (December 2012)
    More info
    "Josphine Walker
    Josephine will often be seen alone. She is very independent, and only herself with her other punk friends." — @louboutin-angel-xox

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