Bethson.Academy Characters

Bethson Academy is an exclusive roleplay club, and for this term, I will only accept the best 18 loyal and active roleplayers. To get your character, you must choose one of the character below and get inspired by the small description to fill in the enrollment, please respect the personality of the character.
Full Name:
Age: {16-25}
Date of birth:
Short Bio:
Appearance: {very descriptive here please}
Program: {modelling, photography, designing, dancing, art, acting, music} one please
Others: {you can arrange this section the way you want}
Exclusive: {yes-no, you can only pick yes if you choose an exclusives material character}
Sample Roleplay: {your choice of theme, include and outfit please}

Just fill this in and put it with a collection or a set, then post the link on the enrollment discussion on the stardoll club page.
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