Better Off Red

These short red jackets can spice up outfits that are casual or dressy. Members pamela-802, jonskuy and lidia-solymosi show three great ways to top a look with a red jacket. Which jacket is your fave: the red blazer, the red moto or the red cropped jacket?
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Wrote one year ago
Grazie per aver incluso il mio set in Top Stories @polyvore-editorial!

Wrote one year ago
Thanks @polyvore-editorial :) What a great styling of a red jacket ladies :)

Wrote one year ago
luv it kinda can do better

Wrote one year ago
Love the studded leather and reds. Are you guys doing something for black history month? @polyvore @polyvore-editorial

Wrote one year ago
i know you don't care enough to read this but if you happen to please continue. we think its unfair to take away the advice collum you didn't need to chang it just leave it alone and keep it most people used it and loved it for advice and for inspiration and you taking that out isn't fair

Wrote one year ago
Love of the jackets, but the swing jacket is my favorite! Love the red and black shoes!!