I had announced on my 2 groups Asian related about 
Tragedy in Korea 11 hours ago.
maybe some of you may not read it.

I will including 2 things there
*I'm kinda sure some of you know about Ferry sinking on the way to go to Jeju Island (almost 400 passengers,school trip,students,teachers)
the situation had lost and dead people and hundreds of students still missing,this will not too cruel even more when we found out the captain and the crews leave student behind he told student to waiting for rescue to come but the ship can't stay and sinking a few minutes later captain did escaped,he's survive meanwhile students going to die, really sad indeed and i did blame him ,received prison 5 years is not enough (sorry no sorry to him) see the cam/news about captain on youtube or new report channel,you will get why Korean netizen angry to him including me.

*minor related
so i did created EXO comeback overdose before i know the recent situation just 6 hrs before i know it from my sister she told me the whole nation prays for the lost and missing 
so that EXO comeback got postponed for a week or more to who complained why SM not released any MV ,well SM is a nation face company they did skip to all new releases entertaining stuff.
and me too idh any cheerful moment to overdose around.

My sister who living in Seoul said ,they were going to temple and prays,my relatives whom working for Seoul city hall had told me ,the parents of students hard to accepted and face the apologized from captain and the crews.the Gov still going on to searching for missing body.

Who join or have plan to join overdose contest you can submit/make set with any recently exo 
i am allowed you,after this week soon i will create again exo topic.


Thank you.
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