Betty Crocker Dora the Explorer Fruit Flavored Snacks, 0.8 oz, 10 count
  • Pinnacle Pineapple Vodka 750ml
    This is a sweet combination of French imported vodka and the tropical taste of pineapple. A trip to the beach, any way you mix it!
  • Hershey's Valentine's Milk Chocolate Giant Kiss, 7 Ounce : Hershey's Valentine's Milk Chocolate Giant Kiss, 7 Ounce : Chocolate Assortments And Samplers : Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Chocolate Dip Delights Heart in Hands Valentines Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries
    Put your heart in their hands this February 14th with the artisan chocolate sensations you can only find with Chocolate Dip Delights™ Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Start a sensory stimulation the moment your sweetheart opens the box as each plump, vine-ripened strawberry is specially selected for its size, sweetness & juiciness. Its then hand-dipped in 100% real chocolate - dark, milk, or white - striped with zig-zags of ruby red drizzled confections & sanding sugars or topped with a red heart candy. When they pick it up by its generous, leafy green head, take in a wave of its divinely fudgy fragrance the intense chocolate lusciousness gives way to a whole new sensation as the fruits bright, sweet juice bursts forth in their mouth and mingles with the chocolate to strike a succulent sweetness punctuated by rich, dark notes of cocoa. A superb way to sweet them off their feet with tempting tastes they cannot deny this coming Valentines Day!.
  • Vodka Belvedere Red 700 ml
    Vodka Belvedere Red .700
  • Vintage Pink Valentine Chocolate Heart Box Russell Stover
    This is a neat find for this time of year with Valentine's Day right around the corner. This is a pink heart shaped candy box with a satin top and