I sat in my normal booth at the wildflower cafe. I had been coming her all my life usually with my father and mother before she died when I was six. 
I had ordered the peach pie and peach tea as allso usual. I was very pridictable but I liked it that way. I saw the other girls and even spoke breifly to them but eventually went back to my book\
"Whatcha reading?" came a voice

I looked up and saw the new boy in town. When I say boy I mean man in everyway.

"Its a book about The Borgia's " I said softly never having spoken to him before.

"Rome..interesting" He said in a southren accent making me blush."Have you ever been?"

"uh.. no Ive never left Bluebell"I said blushing even more.

He chuckled" Well, then maybe you could show me around and Ill tell you all about my summer in Rome. Im Ryan Blake"

"Beverly Churchill..Id like that" I said smiling back at the man. seeing all possibilities for me. This was my chance.
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