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My dad is a designer, and he does an art show here in beverly hills twice a year. I have had fortune to go with him, and in doing so we have become great friends with, and met a lot of really amazing people. A lot of my friends think that this city is full of snobs, but I have come to say they are completly, downright, wrong. in fact, I belive the majority of people who live in this awesome city are the most kind, down to earth people I have ever had met. Now, alot of these people I call family, because they are. They have seen me grow from a little baby to what I am now, and they continue to help me grow along the way. They are the most kind hearted and loving members of my family, and those are the ones who I think of first when I think of beverly hills. Without knowing them, you would never know the true character of this amazing city. I love them all so much and that is why this is my favorite city, of all time. :)
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