Okay girliies, Meg here! All of us have a BFFL... and here are 10 (do I need more?) reasons why it's better to have her than a boyfriend. (If your bff is a dude, aw shucks, read it anyways!) 
O1- She is the PERF shopping buddy!!!
O2- She has a fahb sense of style, natch.
O3- You both are the same size! (closet swap!)
O4- The best Blind Mirror/// (when you ask someone if your air is sticing up anywhere)
O5- She's a boss running buddy! 
O6- When you get the Period Camps, she's there with te tissus and dark choc. Boys, well they'll just never understand.
O7- Your stag buddyyy. =) yea-yuhh she's the bomb dance partner!!
O8- She's there to paint your right hand your fav color at your fab sleepovers.
O9- Help!!! You forgot your Math book! She's there to lend you hers.
1O- She is right by your side when you go to do anything wickedy stupid. (Shopping cart races!!)

=) kay yalllllll
Requestttttttttttttttt plzzzzz
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