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Becca sighed softly to herself as she walked into the Baskin Robins just down the street from the school on Sunday afternoon. She had gone there straight from church which explained the purple swoop neck sun dress she was wearing along with the diamond studed hair clip in her hair; holding back one side of golden curls. 

Looking around, hoping to spot Simon she frowned a bit when she discovered he wasn't in the ice cream. She ordered her usual and took a seat at the same table she and Simon had once sat at. She ate her ice cream slowly, trying to think things over. She had gone to see a movie with Alex and she thought that she may be starting to like him. But she also thought she had a crush on Simon. But which one did she like more? And did they even like her back? Simon had been so thoughtful and sweet, bringing her ice cream one afternoon when she was working on the drama club. Alex had taken her out to a movie and even offered to help her with her math homework. She felt herself being pulled into two different directions, but had no idea which one to go to. 

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