Name: Bianca ‘Bea’ Holmes
Year: 6th
Age: 16
Origin: Scotland
Parents: Fenella and Greer
Blood: Muggleborn
Preferred House: Hufflepuff
`Hot chocolate
`Flirting with people to freak ‘em out
`Smart people
`Hugging people
`Big heels
`Contemporary dance
`Helping people
`Going near the Whomping Willow
`Rude people
`Wussy boys
`Stupid boys
`Lazy people
`House plants
`Being alone
`Whiny people
`Crying in front of other people
`Being teased
Memorable Traits:
`Is very sarcastic
`Her sharp Scottish accent
`She has been taking ballet since she was five
`Does ballet but prefers contemporary dance
`Is very flexible
`Has a fantastic relationship with her parents
`Is an only child
Model: Saoirse Ronan
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